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Menopausal Madonna: I Won’t Stop My Attention-Seeking Ways

Madonna to critics: 'This is art! Don't try to censor me! If you don't like it don't follow me!'

Madonna slams critics: ‘This is art! Don’t try to censor me!’

Menopausal Madonna says her critics should leave her alone because she won’t stop posting racy Instagram photos and trying to capitalize on her sexuality to shill her music.

Madonna, who referred to herself an “unapologetic b*tch,” responded to her detractors on Instagram, writing:

“This is art! Don’t try to censor me! If you don’t like it don’t follow me! If you don’t understand irony, don’t follow me. Fundamentaliist literalism is the death of art. #unapologeticbitch”

Madonna, 56, has come under fire after posting a series of attention-grabbing Instagram selfies which spotlighted her ample cleavage and heavily Botoxed face.

Madonna, who’s getting ready to drop her new album, Rebel Heart, on March 10, has been barraged with comments from Instagram users who said she needs to stop acting like a desperate 20-something porn star.

The mom of four responded by posting more titillating photos of herself, writing: “I’m not gonna stop” and “I deserve the best.”

Madonna drops her new album, 'Rebel Heart,' in March.

Madonna drops her new album, ‘Rebel Heart,’ in March.

Instagram users were not amused. “Ugh, stop already,” wrote on fan. “Get over yourself,” wrote another.

Earlier this month, Madonna was accused of using the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to promote her new album Rebel Heart.

Before that, Madonna came under fire for comparing herself to civil rights activists Martin Luther King, Bob Marley Nelson Mandela to shill her new album.

Madonna transposed the album’s artwork onto image of Martin Luther King. Alongside photo of King, Madonna wrote “This #rebelheart had a dream!”madonna martin luther king rebel heart

In December 2014, Madonna posed topless in the new ad campaign for her fragrance, Truth or Dare Naked, where she flaunted her toned torso.

The perfume is named after Madonna’s 1991 documentary, Truth or Dare, that chronicled her hugely successful “Blonde Ambition” tour.

Madonna said she’s living a calmer life now after having experimented with drugs during her youth, Examiner reported.

“I tried everything once,” said Madonna. “But as soon as I was high, I spent my time drinking tons of water to get it out of my system. As soon as I was high, I was obsessed with flushing it out of me. I was like, Okay, I’m done now.”

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