Jennifer Garner Reveals Anti-Aging Beauty, Diet and Weight Loss Secrets

Jennifer Garner is fit and fab at 42, thanks to a healthy diet, regular workouts that include yoga, and inexpensive anti-aging beauty creams.

Garner said she can no longer follow strict diets because of the extreme dieting from her days as sexy super-spy Sydney Bristow in the hit TV series Alias.

During her “Alias” days, Jennifer followed a restrictive diet that avoided processed foods, and woke up at 4 a.m. to work out before heading to the set.

Unlike other actresses who starve themselves for red carpet events, Jennifer shops to find a dress that fits her instead of dieting to fit into a glamorous gown.

No More Diets For Me

“There’s always a point in the fitting where I feel like, ‘Why I didn’t I just try to lose four pounds and then I could wear any dress?’ I just can’t though,” Garner told Yahoo.

“I dieted for so long in the middle of doing Alias and being a superhero, that there’s something in me that can’t do anything that extreme.”

Jennifer, a longtime workout fanatic, eats well 80% of the time, so she can indulge the other 20%.

“With food I’m probably good 80% of the time,” said Garner. “I’ve found out that I cannot pass up pizza without having some. I just can’t! My kids have a lot of pizza. I can’t go to a kids birthday party without having a slice.”

Jennifer, who’s married to Ben Affleck, said the two usually eat the same, except when he’s preparing for a physical movie role.

“He will eat the way I do unless he’s in the middle of really, really training for something,” said Garner. “And then, it’s such a different thing. Every calorie and every gram of protein—everything’s counted in a way that.” While many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian follow low-carb diets such as the ketogenic, Paleo or Atkins diets, Jennifer doesn’t do low-carb.

Her weight loss secrets include a portion-controlled diet featuring vegetables and salads. “I eat a lot of salads,” said Jennifer. “That’s the way that I get my veggies. I eat lots of leafy greens, dark greens, with rice too because I want it to be a meal.”

Garner mixes up her exercise regimen to stave off boredom, Examiner reported. “I’ll do different things,” said Jennifer. “I did spin for a little while, and I like yoga.”

Garner’s workouts typically focus on strength-training with light weights and cardio exercise such as running (either outdoors or on the treadmill) and hiking.

The mom of three, who still looks fresh-faced at 42, said her beauty secrets are simple: Careful skincare and inexpensive drugstore anti-aging creams and lotions.

“I use the Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair moisturizer with retinol a couple nights a week,” said Garner.

Jennifer’s makeup routine is equally simple. “I love Healthy Skin Glow Sheers from Neutrogena,” said Garner.

“It’s hydrating, and really light and clean feeling. It comes in a billion different colors and looks great on any skin. It has just the right amount of coverage to smooth things over. Paired with their Hydro Boost Gel, it leaves that dewy look.”

Jennifer is a self-professed homebody who enjoys cooking and gardening. While her career has taken a back seat as she focuses on her children, Garner doesn’t want to become one of those Hollywood wives who are known simply for who they’re married to.

“I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become ‘wife of,’ ” said Jennifer.

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