Bruce Jenner’s Daughters Support His Sex Change Transition

Bruce Jenner’s Daughters Support His Sex Change Transition
Bruce Jenner knew he wanted to be a woman since the age of 5.

Bruce Jenner’s daughters Kylie and Kendall, and stepdaughters Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are rallying behind their father amid rampant speculation that Jenner is seeking sex change surgery to become a woman.

Kylie posted an Instagram photo showing Bruce surrounded by the women in his life with the caption, “Daddy’s girls.”

The photo comes just days after InTouch magazine published a cover story claiming Jenner is planning to come out as a transgender woman in a future issue of The Advocate.

InTouch has since come under fire for mocking Jenner’s rumored sex change transition by superimposing a photo of Bruce’s face over a picture of British actress Stephanie Beachman with the cover line, “My Life As a Woman.”

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community denounced the cover as “transphobia” and the “transgender equivalent of blackface.”

The Advocate denied it is collaborating with Jenner on a future story about his alleged sex change transition, calling the InTouch magazine story a lie.

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Transgender trailblazer Kate Bornstein is outraged by InTouch’s insensitive treatment of Jenner, saying the former Olympic gold medalist is being bullied for looking like a transgender woman.

“Bruce Jenner is being bullied and publicly shamed for no other reason than being trans,” said Bornstein, author of Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws.

Jenner’s increasingly feminine appearance during the past year has ignited rampant rumors he’s seeking sex change surgery. Recent reports also claim Bruce plans to launch his own reality TV show which will feature his gender reassignment as a story line.bruce jenner before afterOther reports claim Jenner, who has been photographed wearing hot-pink nail polish, shaved legs, and flowing long hair while wearing Spanx slimming girdles, has been taking hormones and wants breast implants as part of his transgender transition.

Tabloids also claimed Jenner recently got surgery to have his penis removed and replaced with a surgically constructed vagina. Until now, Bruce has not commented on the sex change speculation, but will discuss the transgender rumors on season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

At this point, only time will tell whether any of the rumors are true. Bruce, who has basically been emasculated throughout his entire marriage, said he simply wants to live the remainder of his life how he sees fit.

“I’m in the last quarter of life,” Bruce, 65, told Kris on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I just want to live life the way I want.”

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