Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Takes Break from Hollywood To Focus on Hobbies: I’m a Good Cook

Kristen Stewart said dealing with fame is overwhelming.
Kristen Stewart said dealing with fame is overwhelming.

“Twilight” beauty Kristen Stewart has been taking a break from Hollywood to enjoy her free time and focus on her hobbies.

Stewart made the revelations on “Live! With Kelly and Michael” Jan. 26, saying she’s burnt out after working for two straight years.

“I need to breathe,” said Kristen, 24. “I want to stay home for a while, maybe do physical things.”

Stewart has hobbies she enjoys such as cooking. “If you can name it, I can make it,” said Kristen. “I think I’m a good cook. I love food. I’m like a total foodie.”

Stewart confessed she was starstruck after seeing Food Network star Alton Brown at a hotel recently. Brown was the host of Good Eats for 14 seasons on the Food Network.

Kristen previously revealed she was a Food Network addict who enjoys cooking and playing golf in her free time, Examiner reported.

Kristen said fame has many upsides but there are downsides too, like when you’re the target of tabloid gossip.robert pattinson kristen stewart fame“For people to say it is not a big deal, it is not real life — that is a sentiment I couldn’t peddle more,” Stewart told Vanity Fair.

“I completely agree that all of this media stuff, if you’re involved in it, can’t really touch you physically, and it shouldn’t affect you and all that.

“Yet it does technically affect your life, obviously in the best ways imaginable. In dreamlike ways it affects your life. But from anyone’s perspective it is nuts and it should totally be acknowledged.”

Stewart, who has made headlines for her romance with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson and her affair with married director Rupert Sanders (who directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman), said nothing about being an actor prepares you for the insane level of scrutiny celebrities face today.

“The way that I talked about my forced interaction with the media is that nobody forced me to be an actor,” said Kristen. “But it would be crazy to deny that this is just a different beast—nobody could have signed up for it.”

That said, Kristen admits that she loves being an actor and is grateful to do what she enjoys and be around amazing, creative people.

“It’s a field that attracts the most diverse assortment of people, challenging people who are progressive and subversive in large numbers and want to ask questions and express themselves,” said Stewart. “It’s a f*cking beautiful environment. I love it.”

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