Harry Styles Turns 21: Fitness Secrets Are Hot Yoga and Weight Lifting Workouts

Harry Styles Turns 21: Fitness Secrets Are Hot Yoga and Weight Lifting Workouts

one direction workout photoOne Direction hottie Harry Styles celebrated his 21st birthday Feb. 1 with a star-studded party in Los Angeles.

Among the celebrities who attended Harry’s birthday bash were ex-galpal Kendall Jenner, soccer stud David Beckham and actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Also partying with the One Direction hunk were Kelly Osbourne, model Gigi Hadid, Chris Martin and singer Adele. Party-goers tweeted and posted Instagram photos from Styles’ party, where his One Direction crew was also present.

harry styles shirtless workout routine
Harry Styles stays fit with hot yoga and weight lifting workouts.

Despite their fame and fortune, the One Direction boys Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne have maintained clean-cut images, thanks to their disciplined approach to fitness and health.

While the One Direction boys don’t need to watch their weight, they work out almost every day to build stamina and endurance for their grueling dance performances, Examiner reported.

“Being out there jumping around like a lunatic each night, and we’re 126 shows in now, it’s quite crazy,” Liam said in a YouTube video (see below). “Staying fit is a huge deal.”

The hilarious behind-the-scenes video was shot during the Australia and New Zealand leg of One Direction’s Take Me Home world tour. In it, the boys joke around, but they work as hard as they play.

In the video, Harry revealed that he likes to work out for an hour shortly before going to bed, and usually only needs about four hours of sleep. He said he typically wakes up at 5 am to get in a Bikram yoga session before hitting the road with his band mates.

“It’s currently 12:15 am,” said Styles. “I train for an hour, then go to sleep for four hours, get up again at 5 am, have breakfast and go to Bikram yoga and have an espresso afterwards. Easy-peasy!”

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