Kate Gosselin Claims Anti-Aging Beauty Secret Is ‘Eye Trickery’: Denies Face Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin Claims Anti-Aging Beauty Secret Is ‘Eye Trickery’: Denies Face Plastic Surgery
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Kate Gosselin’s fitness secrets are a healthy diet and running. (Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin looks better than ever at 39, thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Gosselin said “eye trickery” and TV camera tricks made her look much older years ago.

Kate made the comments when asked why she looks so much better now than she did when she first starred on her reality TV show, “Jon and Kate Plus 8” in 2007.

“Wen the world met me I was three days post having sextuplets, so the only place you can get from that point is younger,” Gosselin told E! at the red carpet finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” (see video).

“So It was really just eye-trickery, I think. You guys saw me at my worst first, and then I just kind of reversed in front of your eyes. It was nothing amazing.”

Meanwhile, plastic surgery rumors have trailed Kate for years. Gosselin admitted getting a tummy tuck in 2007 and a breast augmentation in 2009.

In 2011, Kate denied speculation that she had gotten a facelift, but thanked fans for the compliment.

While a celebrity getting plastic surgery is hardly earth-shattering news, Kate has repeatedly denied going under the knife, attributing her youthful appearance to rigorous exercise (including daily runs), a healthy diet and good genes.

However, plastic surgeons say Kate got Botox and other plastic surgery, including a facelift, Examiner reported. The surgeons said Gosselin’s smooth, tight-looking face couldn’t possibly be due simply to Botox or other fillers, which they believe she has also gotten.

kate gosselin plastic surgery before after
Kate Gosselin denies getting plastic surgery on her face.

“I think her face looks tighter and that she’s had a facelift,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek. “Injectables alone would not create that smooth and contoured jaw line and chin. It appears her skin has been lifted along the sides of her face very skillfully without creating an overly pulled look. It’s an excellent facelift!”

Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said Kate looks like a “young Jessica Simpson,” and said she also appears to have gotten Botox and other fillers to smooth out her wrinkles.

“I suspect she had Botox injected into her forehead to smooth frown lines,” said Youn. “And a filler called Juvederm [was] injected into her nasolabial folds, which are the lines running from her nose to the corners of her mouth.”

In August 2014, Gosselin made headlines after being accused of abusing her children amid stress-induced emotional breakdowns. The revelations allegedly came straight from Kate’s own journal entries, which were published in a shocking tell-all book by Robert Hoffman called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.”

In one journal entry, Kate confessed that she had spanked her son Collin so hard she was worried she might have seriously hurt him:

“The kids were outside playing and Collin poured some beans on the floor and was sent inside. He didn’t like that so he knocked down some highchairs in the kitchen and that set Kate off,” wrote Hoffman.

“Kate said that she was instantly so SO angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard!”

Kate Gosselin is accused of child abuse in a shocking new book.
Kate Gosselin is accused of child abuse in a shocking new book.

Whether the child abuse rumors are true or not, Kate has admitted to having a very stressful life, exacerbated by the negative media attention surrounding her bitter 2009 divorce from Jon Gosselin, the father of her eight children.

Kate said she began running in 2010 to relieve stress, and said the accompanying weight loss was merely a side benefit. “I have a lot of stress in life and [running] gets all of that out in a healthy way,” she said. “Looking good is a side benefit.”

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