‘X-Files’ Hottie David Duchovny Pens ‘Holy Cow,’ a Satirical Book Exploring Veganism and Religion

‘X-Files’ Hottie David Duchovny Pens ‘Holy Cow,’ a Satirical Book Exploring Veganism and Religion
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‘X-Files’ star David Duchovny, a Princeton grad, has penned a humorous allegorical tale called ‘Holy Cow.’

“X-Files” hottie David Duchovny has written “Holy Cow,” a bestselling satire about a lovable cow named Elsie Bovary whose witty commentaries on religion, pop culture and veganism will have you laughing out loud.

Holy Cow chronicles the adventures of Elsie, a deep-thinking cow who longs to escape to India, where the cow is considered sacred.

Elsie is joined on her globe-trotting adventures by her best friend, a pig named Mallory who wants to go to Israel and convert to Judaism with the hope that kosher laws will protect her from getting slaughtered.

Also along for the ride is Tom the turkey, who wants to travel to Turkey because he believes he’ll be treated with more respect there. Along the way, the trio enjoy madcap adventures which provide ample opportunity for commentaries about animal consciousness, religion, factory farming, veganism and vegetarianism.

David, a triathlete and former college basketball star, has previously described himself as a “lazy vegetarian” who occasionally eats fish.
“Holy Cow” was released Feb. 3 and has since reached No. 16 on the New York Times Bestsellers list for hardcover fiction.

Duchovny, who’s best known for his unforgettable portrayals of Fox Mulder on the X-Files series and Hank Moody in Californication, is a graduate of Princeton University who was enrolled in the literature Ph.D. program at Yale before becoming a Hollywood star.

“X-Files” fans are besides themselves after Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman said a reboot of the hit supernatural TV show is in the works.

Duchovny is expected to reprise his role as Fox Mulder in the “X-Files” reboot opposite Gillian Anderson. The “X-Files,” which aired from 1993 to 2002, has a massive cult following around the world.

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