Teresa Giudice Is Doing Well In Jail, Says Melissa Gorga: Joe Giudice Is ‘Manning Up’

Teresa Giudice Is Doing Well In Jail, Says Melissa Gorga: Joe Giudice Is ‘Manning Up’
teresa giudice melissa gorga
Melissa Gorga said her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, is doing well in jail.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga said her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, is doing well in prison, and her husband Joe Giudice has really stepped up to care for their four daughters.

“It’s heartwarming to see him,” Gorga told Andy Cohen during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” (see video).

Melissa said Teresa’s husband Joe has been staying true to his wife’s wishes of caring for their four young daughters.

“It’s heavy on his heart,” said Gorga, who’s married to Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga. “He’s manning up, and he’s doing what he has to do.”

Joe will begin his own 41-month prison sentence after Teresa finishes her 15-month jail term at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.

“I pass him in the morning, and he’s driving the girls to school,” said a tearful Gorga.

Melissa, who has been writing to Teresa, said Giudice is doing well in prison, even though she misses her children desperately.

“She’s doing well,” said Gorga. “My mother-in-law gives me updates all the time. She’s doing really good.”

Sources said Teresa has been working out up to three times a day in jail, saying exercise relieves her stress and depression, Examiner reported.

teresa giudice jail prison workout
Teresa Giudice has reportedly gotten in the best shape of her life and looks 10 years younger by working out 3 times a day in jail.

“She says [exercise] helps her sleep,” said a source. “Teresa does cardio, bikes, weights and even Pilates. She does not miss a day, she does it religiously.”

The friend added: “She is extremely fit right now. She says it herself: She’s in the best shape of her life.” Giudice, a longtime workout fanatic, said exercise has made her look young and reduced her stress and depression. “Overall, she looks about 10 years younger,” said her friend.

“All the angst leading up to her sentence is over. The stress has been lifted. She doesn’t have to worry about the girls, they’re in good hands. The only thing she’s responsible for is getting herself through this.”

Joe Giudice was sentenced to three and a half years in jail and will start his sentence after Teresa completes her 15-month prison term.

Teresa said her main concern is her four daughters: Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Audriana, 5, and Milania, 8.

“What depresses me is not being there for my daughters,” said Teresa, who was sentenced to 15 months in jail. “I can’t even imagine not being there. They need their mom.”

Teresa, who reportedly earns $650,000 plus bonuses for each season of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” has written four bestselling cookbooks, including:

Teresa said her legal troubles have humbled her and made her less concerned about living high on the hog, like she once did. “I’m not trying to keep up with the Joneses,” said Giudice. “I’m not trying to spend money I don’t have. I’m going to do fine [in prison].”

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