Elle Macpherson, 51, Will Use Surrogate To Have Baby: Her Yoga Fitness Secrets

Elle Macpherson, 51, Will Use Surrogate To Have Baby: Her Yoga Fitness Secrets Elle Macpherson follows a low-carb alkaline diet.
Elle Macpherson follows a low-carb alkaline diet.
Elle Macpherson’s anti-aging bikini body secrets are a low-carb alkaline diet and yoga workouts.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson wants to have a baby with new husband, billionaire businessman Jeffrey Soffer, and will use a surrogate to carry their child.

Macpherson, who turns 51 on March 29, has already hired a surrogate to carry their unborn baby, Woman’s Day reported.

“They realized after a few months that having a baby naturally was a lost cause and they barely discussed adoption – they agreed on surrogacy quite quickly,” said an insider.

“Elle is thanking her lucky stars she had the foresight to freeze her eggs years ago. She figured they’d come in handy.”

Macpherson, who lives in Miami with Sober and her two sons, are thrilled they found the perfect surrogate mom for their unborn child.

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Elle Macpherson is a proponent of the alkaline diet, which she claims has anti-aging health benefits.

“They’re keeping the identity of the surrogate a secret,” said a source. “It’s what she wants and it’s what they want. But I do know she’s in her 30s and has two children of her own.”

Elle remains remarkably fit and sexy at 51, thanks to a low-carb alkaline diet and daily exercise, Examiner reported.

Macpherson said her anti-aging diet, which excludes red meat, alcohol and drugs (including aspirin) keeps her skin looking smooth and her body toned.

The alkaline diet, which Victoria Beckham also follows, emphasizes fresh green vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, spices, seeds and nuts. The theory is that eating a diet high in alkaline-producing foods will minimize acid buildup in our bodies (which fuels inflammation, aging, and weight gain).

When you eat too many acidic foods, your pH levels get disrupted, causing weight gain and disease, said Dr Stephan Domenig, author of The Alkaline Cure.

“Many people start the day with coffee followed by toast and jam, cake for morning tea, then meat and a tiny amount of veg for dinner — all of these are acid-forming,” said Domenig.

For Macpherson, following a low-carb alkaline diet means eating less protein, more non-starchy vegetables and cutting back on coffee. She said she’s able to easily maintain her hot supermodel body without feeling deprived.

“I eat fish, but no red meat or chicken,” said Elle, who has her own lingerie line called Elle Macpherson Intimates.

“Some of my favorite foods are spinach, beetroot, goat’s cheese, pearl barley, kale, quinoa, pine nuts, halloumi.”

Macpherson also exercises every day, doing a combination of yoga, running, swimming, hiking, and cycling.

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