Lorraine Bracco Lost 35 Pounds on Low-Carb Diet After James Gandolfini Died

Lorraine Bracco Lost 35 Pounds on Low-Carb Diet After James Gandolfini Died
lorraine bracco weight loss book to the fullest
Lorraine Bracco said her 35-pound weight loss was partly motivated by the tragic death of her ‘Sopranos’ co-star, James Gandolfini.

Lorraine Bracco said the untimely death of her Sopranos co-star James Gandolfini inspired her to overhaul her health and lose 35 pounds.

Gandolfini abruptly died of a heart attack at age 51 in 2013. Two years earlier, Bracco’s parents had died within nine days of each other. The two tragedies combined had a dramatic effect on Lorraine.

In her new self-help book, “To the Fullest: The Clean Up Your Act Plan to Lose Weight, Rejuvenate and Be the Best You Can Be,” Lorraine said Gandolfini’s death at 51 gave her the wake-up call she needed to radically improve her own health.

“[James’ death was a] jolting reminder of how you can be here today and gone tomorrow,” Bracco wrote in To the Fullest.

After Gandolfini died, Bracco started a 14-day low-carb detox diet that eliminated processed foods, eggs, sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, alcohol and caffeine, Examiner reported. Lorraine eventually lost 35 pounds after following her low-carb, gluten-free diet and doing Pilates workouts.

lorraine bracco weight loss
Lorraine Bracco lost 35 pounds with a low-carb, gluten-free diet and Pilates workouts.

Since losing 35 pounds in 2013, Lorraine has maintained her weight loss with her a clean diet and Pilates workouts. After cutting out sugar, dairy and most grains, Bracco said she no longer craves those foods anymore.

“I was a huge Twizzler eater,”said Bracco. “I love licorice. The other day I said, ‘I haven’t had this in three years,’ and I had half a piece. I ended up spitting it out because I no longer have a taste for it. It was so sugary, it was almost like poison to me.”

The 5-foot-7 Lorraine, who once weighed 183 pounds, exercises three days week, going to group Pilates classes.

“I go to Pilates class three times a week,” said Bracco, star of Rizzoli & Isles. “I love that there are women who are in their 80s in my class and there were kids who are 23.”

Lorraine, 60, said her weight loss and improved health have given her a new lease on life. “I am still a vibrant, contributing human being, and I am not dead yet,” said Bracco. “I used to wake up and everything ached before I got out of bed. Now I jump out of bed! I’m doing something right.”

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