Bruce Jenner Is Happy With Sex Change Transition Says Son Brody Jenner

Bruce Jenner Is Happy With Sex Change Transition Says Son Brody Jenner
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Brody Jenner his two brothers, Burt and Brandon, support their father Bruce Jenner’s sex change transition to a woman.

Bruce Jenner is happy and has the full support of his three sons as he undergoes a sex change transition to a woman, said Bruce’s son, Brody Jenner.

“Everybody’s very happy. Everybody’s living life,” Brody told People. “And it’s a great time for all of us. Everything’s really great.”

Bruce Jenner bid farewell to his male persona and publicly came out as a woman during his April 24 ABC News interview with Diane Sawyer. Bruce “presented himself” as a woman during his interview and discussed how being transgender has affected his life.

Jenner, who recently got breast implants, said he has felt like a woman since age five, but hid being transgender out of shame, Examiner reported.

Gender reassignment is a complicated process that involves both dramatic physical changes and intense emotional upheaval, said Dr. Anne Boedecker, author of The Transgender Guidebook: Keys to a Successful Transition.

Bruce recently got breast implants as part of his transition. Sources said Jenner’s breast augmentation will be featured on his upcoming docuseries chronicling his gender reassignment transition.

“Cameras were there during Bruce’s breast implant surgery,” said an insider. “The days leading up to the surgery were very emotional for him, and there was talk about canceling the surgery.”

Jenner, 65, has already gotten several plastic surgeries as part of his sex change transition, including a recent nose job to make his face look more feminine. In December 2013, Bruce got a laryngeal shave, a plastic surgery procedure that flattens the Adam’s apple.

“I’m in the last quarter of life,” Bruce said on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I just want to live life the way I want.”

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