Obesity Expert Sam Feltham Details Weight Loss Benefits of Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

Obesity Expert Sam Feltham Details Weight Loss Benefits of Low Carb Ketogenic Diet
sam feltham slimology
Weight loss expert Sam Feltham reveals how you can drop pounds fast with a low-carb, high-fat diet in his book, ‘Slimology.’ (Photos: Sam Feltham)

Fitness expert Sam Feltham says low-carb diets such as the ketogenic, Paleo and Atkins diets promote rapid weight loss without hunger and dramatically improve your overall health.

In his book, Slimology, Feltham reveals how you can use a low-carb, high-fat diet to accelerate weight loss and improve your cardiovascular, emotional and neurological health.

To prove his point that eating fat does not make you fat, Sam experimented with a low-carb, high-fat diet consisting of a whopping 5,794 calories a day.

Before starting his challenge, Feltham, a former bodybuilder, thought he would gain weight from consuming so many more calories than he usually did.

To his surprise, when Sam followed a LCHF diet for three weeks, he gained only 2 pounds and lost 1 inch from his waist.

sam feltham low carb diet weight loss
Sam pictured on Day 1 and Day 21 on his high-fat, low-carb diet: He gained just 2.5 pounds and lost 1 inch off his waist despite gorging on almost 6,000 calories a day. (Photos: Sam Feltham)

In contrast, when Sam followed a low-fat, high-carb diet for three weeks, he gained 16 pounds and ballooned almost 4 inches around his waist.

sam felthamkow fat weight gain diet
Sam on Day 1, Day 10 and Day 21 of his low-fat, high-carb diet: He gained 16 pounds and 3.7 inches around his waist. (Photos: Sam Feltham)

According to Feltham, it is a high-carb diet (not dietary fat) that’s responsible for obesity and other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

“Dietary fat doesn’t really make you fat, and in fact is the least likely macro-nutrient to make you fat from overconsumption,” Feltham explained on his blog Smash The Fat. “If you ask any bodybuilder what macronutrient they manipulate in order to gain or lose weight, they’ll tell you carbohydrates.”

Feltham isn’t the only health expert to underscore the weight loss and health benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman has helped thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds by following the low carb, high-fat ketogenic, Atkins and Paleo diets.

new zealand ariana ketogenic diet weight loss
Ariana Omipi lost 110 pounds in 7 months with a low-carb high-fat ketogenic diet. (Photos: Ariana Omipi)

Eating fat does not make you fat, said Westman, director of the Duke University Lifestyle Clinic. To the contrary, eating fat makes you thin and healthy.

“I tell my patients not to fear the fat,” Dr. Westman wrote in Keto Clarity. “Eat lots of fat. Fat makes you feel full. There’s no problem with fat.”

Sam Feltham shares his science-backed diet and low-carb weight loss secrets in his books, Slimology and The Lifestyle Diary: Eat The Fat 2 Smash The Fat.

Sam, a cancer survivor, is the founder and owner of Smash the Fat Fitness & Fat Loss Boot Camps. Over the years, Feltham has helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds.

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