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Melissa McCarthy Wore Own Design at Spy Premiere After 50-Pound Low-Carb Weight Loss

melissa mccarthy weight loss own design

Melissa McCarthy showed off her 50-pound weight loss at the NYC premiere of “Spy,” where she wore her own dress design. (Getty Images)

By Samantha Chang

Melissa McCarthy spotlighted her 50-pound weight loss at the NYC premiere of her new movie, “Spy,” where she wore a dress of her own design from her Melissa McCarthy Seven7 plus size fashion line.

Melissa, who lost 50 pounds with a low-carb diet, decided to launch her own designer clothing line after being unable to find flattering outfits for plus size women, Examiner reported.

“People don’t stop at size 12,” said McCarthy. “I want women to get dressed every day and feel good about themselves. And if I can be a little tiny block on that wall, I’d be proud of that.”

McCarthy’s plus-sized designer clothing line, called Melissa McCarthy Seven7, will launch in August. The apparel collection will contain 80 pieces from sizes 4 to 28 and will range in price from $59 to $159. Melissa’s clothes will be sold at retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s.

Since unveiling her 50-pound weight loss in May, McCarthy has continued losing more weight, and appears thinner than she has in years.

Melissa lost 50 pounds by following a low-carb, high-protein diet. She also worked out, doing Pilates and walking, as Celebrity Health & Fitness previously reported.

megan fox paleo diet weight loss

Megan Fox lost all her baby weight after both pregnancies with the low-carb Paleo diet.

McCarthy has not specified which low carb diet she followed, but Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and Tim McGraw have lost all dramatic amounts of weight on the low-carb Atkins, ketogenic and Paleo diets.

Low carb diets such as the Atkins, ketogenic and Atkins diets promote rapid weight loss by forcing the body to burn fat for fuel, according to obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

Fitness expert Robb Wolf agrees. Studies show low-carb diets reverse type 2 diabetes, prevents heart disease, and promote rapid weight loss without hunger, said Wolf, author of the bestselling Paleo Solution.

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