Beyonce’s Vegan Diet Weight Loss Secret: 65 Pounds Lost After Weighing 195 Pounds

Beyonce’s Vegan Diet Weight Loss Secret: 65 Pounds Lost After Weighing 195 Pounds
beyonce weight loss vegan diet
Beyonce credited Marco Borges’ vegan diet for her 65-pound weight loss. Bey is also a fan of Marco’s 22 Days nutrition bars. (Getty Images)

Beyonce’s weight loss secret is a vegan diet.

Beyonce, who lost 65 pounds after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy in 2012, said her vegan diet enables her to easily maintain her weight loss, and has given her radiant skin and lots of energy.

“This is something I have to share with everyone,” Beyonce said on Good Morning America. “I am not naturally the thinnest. I have curves.

The Grammy winner added: “I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets and finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off, has been difficult for me.”

Beyonce praised her longtime fitness trainer, Marco Borges, author of The 22-Day Revolution. Beyonce said her vegan diet not only caused her dramatic weight loss, but improved her skin and her energy.

“I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food and got the weight off fast,” said Beyoncé. “And the weight stayed off.”

The 5-foot-7 Beyonce, who once weighed 195 pounds, lost 65 pounds using Marcos’ vegan diet plan, and said it can do the same for you.

Beyonce has since maintained her weight loss and recently made jaws drop after flaunting her unbelievable body in a nude Givenchy gown at the 2015 Met Gala (see photos above).

Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez credit Marco Borges’ 22-Day Nutrition vegan diet for their weight loss and stunning looks.

Marco Borges, who has trained Beyonce since 2007, said her mostly vegan diet is responsible for her smoking-hot body. Similarly, Jennifer Lopez has credited Marco’s 22-day vegan diet for her 10-pound weight loss and age-defying beauty.

According to Borges, CEO of 22 Day Nutrition protein bars, following a vegan diet will promote effortless weight loss and dramatically improve your health.

“With most diets, you see weight loss and then as soon as the program ends the weight slowly starts to add back up again,” said Borges. “With ‘The 22-Day Revolution, you’ll experience weight loss, improved sleep, clear skin, increased energy, improved sex drive and more.”

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