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Bobbi Kristina Attempted Suicide At 14, Tried To Stab Lesbian Whitney Houston

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Bobbi Kristina was a suicidal drug addict at 14 and Whitney Houston was a lesbian, claims the book ‘Whitney & Bobbi Kristina.’

Bobbi Kristina Brown attempted to commit suicide at age 14 and tried to stab her mom, Whitney Houston, according to bombshell allegations in a new unauthorized biography.

Bobbi Kristina was addicted to drugs by age 14 and had a volatile relationship with her famous mom, according to the new book, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.

The book also claims Whitney Houston was a bisexual who secretly had a lesbian affair with her longtime friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford, who’s openly gay.

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Whitney Houston was allegedly blackmailed for $250,000 by a Chicago lawyer who threatened to go public with her rumored lesbian affair with friend Robyn Crawford.

In “Whitney and Bobbi Kristina,” investigative journalist Ian Halperin claims Whitney had placed Bobbi Kristina in a psychiatric hospital at age 14 after she tried to stab Whitney and slashed her own wrists in a failed suicide attempt.

Halperin also claims Bobbi Kristina had a rocky relationship with her mom because of Whitney’s deadly drug addiction. Halperin said Bobbi Kristina’s unstable childhood with her drug-addicted mom ultimately led her to abuse drugs herself.

According to Halperin, sources said Whitney was a bisexual who had carried on a lesbian love affair with her longtime friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford before marrying Bobbi Kristina’s dad, singer Bobby Brown. When she was alive, Houston denied being bisexual, gay or having a lesbian relationship with Crawford.

But insiders claim in “Whitney and Bobbi Kristina” that Whitney’s unhappiness stemmed part from her inability to publicly declare her love for Crawford.

Other stunning revelations from the book include:

  • Before her drowning, Bobbi Kristina hung out with a rough crowd (including boyfriend Nick Gordon) who influenced her to do drugs and party. “The past couple of years she hung with a bunch of crazies, they were wild and reckless,” said a friend. “Kristi does all the drugs that Whitney did and more, including heroin. She uses anything that is put in front of her.”
  • Whitney Houston was blackmailed over her rumored lesbian relationship. A Chicago lawyer tried to blackmail Houston, demanding $250,000 for not going to the tabloids. It’s unknown whether Whitney ever gave in to the extortion attempt.
  • Bobbi Kristina had bruises on her face when she was discovered unconscious in her bathtub. Witnesses said Bobbi Kristina had strange marks around her mouth and chin, and her bath water was freezing. “The bathwater was ice-cold and the girl had strange marks around her mouth and chin,” wrote Halperin.

You can find more jaw-dropping revelations in Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.

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