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Ashley Greene’s Diet, Yoga Workout and Beauty Secrets

ashley greene diet workout
Ashley Greene’s bikini fitness secrets are yoga, kickboxing and cardio workouts. (Women’s Health)

“Twilight” beauty Ashley Greene is gorgeous, but said she has been called fat by Hollywood standards, and felt pressured to lose weight.

Greene said the pressure to be skinny in Hollywood is tremendous, but she sticks to a sensible diet and works out regularly doing circuit-training, yoga and Pilates, Examiner reported.

When Greene was called too fat earlier in her career, it would bother her. But now, at 29, she has a healthier self-esteem and doesn’t let other people’s comments affect her too much. “When I started and got Twilight, I think I was 20, and I was more impressionable,” said Ashley. “Now if people are unhappy with the way I look, then they can be unhappy. I feel strong and healthy and happy.”

Like other celebrities, Greene has tried starvation fad diets, only to feel terrible afterward. “I lasted a day on that cayenne pepper diet,” said Ashley.

“It gave me a headache and I was really grumpy. I’ve done juicing and then quickly realized that I couldn’t just do juices if I was gonna continue to work out the way I do. Right now, I feel the strongest I’ve ever been.”

Greene follows a balanced diet that includes lots of chicken, fish, nuts and vegetables. For snacks, Ashley loves dark chocolate and coconut water.

“When I want something sweet, I love Zico Chocolate Coconut Water,” said Greene. “It’s an awesome substitute to quench your thirst and sweet tooth without being really bad for you. I also always have dark chocolate.”

Ashley Greene’s diet secrets include coconut water and dark chocolate. (Maxim)

Ashley’s favorite workouts include circuit-training, hiking, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and using the VersaClimber.

“I try to be active every day,” said Greene. “I work with my trainer, doing metabolic circuit training three times a week.

Ashley added: “I do kickboxing, which I really love. It’s one of the most intense things because at a certain point you just stop thinking and react. It’s a great way to get out aggression. I also do a VersaClimber class. You just sweat everything out.”

Ashley Greene’s favorite beauty, fitness and haircare products include the following:

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