Demi Moore and Carol Alt Credit Raw Food Diet, Yoga For Age-Defying Beauty and Fitness

Demi Moore and Carol Alt Credit Raw Food Diet, Yoga For Age-Defying Beauty and Fitness
demi moore carol alt raw food diet
Demi Moore, 52, and Carol Alt, 54, defy age beautifully with a raw food diet. (Photos: Instagram)

Supermodel Carol Alt and actress Demi Moore both look unbelievable at 54 and 52, respectively, thanks to an anti-aging raw food diet and yoga workouts.

Demi raised eyebrows this week after showing off her smoking-hot bikini body on Instagram. Moore credits a raw vegan diet and yoga for her fit bikini physique, Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, supermodel Carol Alt said she adopted a raw food diet during her early 30s after struggling with a weight problem.

“My journey started 17 years ago when a photographer came up to me at a photo shoot and said, ‘You’re not in swimsuit shape,’” Carol told Examiner.

Frustrated with her weight, Alt consulted a health expert, who advised her to eat as much raw vegetables, fruits, seared fish, cold-pressed oils and nuts as she wanted as long as it wasn’t heated over 115 degrees.

carol alt raw food diet
Supermodel Carol Alt shares her age-defying diet, workout and health secrets in her bestselling book, ‘A Healthy You.’

The diet completely changed her life. The willowy 5-foot-11 Alt, who used to starve herself during her modeling days, now stays reed-thin without dieting, has barely aged during the past 20 years, and rarely gets sick.

Alt, the author of A Healthy You, said a raw food diet promotes natural weight loss, slows down the aging process and prevents cancer. This is because vegetables and fruits contain flavonoids and carotenoids, potent antioxidants that fight the free radical damage linked to aging.

Carol, a former Sports Illustrated cover girl who has been featured on the cover of over 700 magazines, has written three bestselling books on the raw food diet, including Easy Sexy Raw.

Alt said the raw food diet has helped her stay drop-dead gorgeous, skinny and youthful without deprivation.

Carol Alt has barely aged during the past 20 years, thanks to a raw food diet, yoga workouts and a positive attitude.

Carol said the raw food diet also cured her chronic indigestion and sinus infections. What’s more, she eats as much as she likes, is never hungry, and has incredible energy. Food is no longer the enemy, but a means to great health.

“I look at every meal as a way to heal myself and be kind to my body,” said Alt. “Because raw food is so nutritionally dense, it’ll feed your body.”

Carol is not a proponent of low-fat diets, and said eating plenty of essential fatty acids like cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil is the key to maintaining radiant skin and losing weight. She also does yoga three times a week and lots of stretching exercises to keep her muscles limber.

Carol Alt reveals all her anti-aging diet, weight loss and beauty secrets in her bestseller, A Healthy You.

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