Dickhead Medical Student Daniel Sanchez Posts Selfie Of Naked Woman Delivering Baby

Dickhead Medical Student Daniel Sanchez Posts Selfie Of Naked Woman Delivering Baby
medical student Student Daniel Sanchez selfie delivery
Dickhead medical student Daniel Sanchez posted this disturbing graphic Instagram selfie (without the blur) as a woman struggled to give birth.

Medical student Daniel Sanchez is being slammed after posting an inappropriate Instagram selfie as a naked woman lies splayed on her back in childbirth in a Venezuelan delivery room.

In the sleazy Instagram photo, Sanchez smirks at the camera as a woman, naked from the waist down, gives birth behind him.

In the photo, an obstetrician’s fingers are still in the woman’s vagina as she gives birth.

“Lady, I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie,” Daniel cavalierly wrote in the caption to the graphic photo, which was not blurred when he uploaded it.

Sanchez, who has since set his Instagram account to private, boasted that he and his obstetrics team can “bring kids into the world and reconstruct p*ssies,” Vice reported.

The claim is obviously ridiculous, since Sanchez is a medical STUDENT and years away from practicing medicine.

Not surprisingly, Daniel Sanchez’s obscene antics have fueled outrage on the Internet, and a Change.org online petition was launched seeking his firing or other disciplinary action. So far, more than 5,200 people have signed the petition.

“It is absolutely unacceptable and illegal to take pictures of the women or babies admitted to maternity services without their knowledge and without their consent,” reads the petition.

“It is just simply inappropriate in the professional interaction, and to then publish it on social media with sexually discriminatory comments is extremely worrying and an embarrassment to any hospital.”

joan rivers selfie
Joan Rivers’ doctors snapped selfies when Joan was unconscious during a routine throat surgery. (Photo: WE)

Unfortunately, Daniel Sanchez’s selfie debacle isn’t unique. Most recently, Joan Rivers’ doctors came under fire after court papers showed her doctor, Lawrence Cohen, took selfies during a routine throat surgery that later led to Rivers’ death.

Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, has since filed a multi-million-dollar wrongful death lawsuit accusing Joan’s doctors of acting like “groupies” and letting her suffer brain damage during a routine throat surgery, Examiner reported.

During the time Joan was in cardiac arrest, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Gwen Korovi allegedly snapped selfies and photos of each other and ignored the anesthesiologist’s urgent requests to immediately resuscitate her, according to court papers.

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