Ramona Singer Forgives Husband’s Cheating: RHONY Star Blames Fame For Infidelity

Ramona Singer Forgives Husband’s Cheating: RHONY Star Blames Fame For Infidelity
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Ramona Singer (with daughter Avery) said her growing fame contributed to the breakup of her 22-year marriage. (Photos: Instagram)

Ramona Singer, star of the “Real Housewives of New York City,” has forgiven her husband for cheating on her, and said a midlife crisis probably fueled his infidelities.

“I forgive [Mario],” Ramona told Page Six July 28. “Sometimes people just lose their way.”

Ramona split from Mario Singer, her husband of 22 years, last summer amid rumors he cheated on her with Kasey Dexter, a 33-year-old personal trainer.

Singer, 58, said getting older changed Mario. “Turning 60 changed him,” said Ramona. “Two people need to try to make a relationship work and if you’re both not in it to win it, it’s not going to happen.”

Ramona, who has starred on the Real Housewives of New York since 2008, said her fame also rocked her marriage because it made Mario insecure. ramona-mario singer divorce“I can’t go anywhere without someone recognizing me and that bothered him,” said Ramona. “Men like to feel important and it takes a very secure man [to live with a famous wife].”

Ramona, who has a daughter named Avery, is interested in dating again, but wants a man who’s extremely secure with himself.

“My dream guy would be someone who is not threatened by me,” said Singer. “I would need someone who is very bright because I feel I’m very intelligent, someone who has children in college or older, someone who has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take anything too seriously.”

Ramona added: “We could have a bottle of wine and watch Game of Thrones in bed naked or whip up a dinner party for 18 people, or go out on the town and dance. I want someone just as happy walking around in jeans and a T-shirt as a tux. Is that asking for too much?”

Singer, a successful businesswoman in her own right before “RHONY,” revealed her fitness, success and happiness secrets in her book Life On the Ramona Coaster.

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