Katie Holmes Cuts Hair Into Chic Bob: Her Anti-Aging Beauty, Skincare And Hair Style Secrets

Katie Holmes Cuts Hair Into Chic Bob: Her Anti-Aging Beauty, Skincare And Hair Style Secrets
katie holmes bob haircut beauty secrets
Katie Holmes has lustrous hair and wrinkle-free skin, thanks to simple anti-aging beauty secrets. (Photos: Alterna/Elle)

Katie Holmes has a chic new haircut: A trendy bob, which she reportedly got for her role in the film, “All We Had, Thursday.”

Katie, who’s known for her lustrous long locks, apparently cut her hair short for her movie role.

“I like the versatility of long hair,” she said recently.

Holmes, a rep for Alterna Haircare, said caviar-infused hair products keep her locks strong and feeling as silky as cashmere.

’’I use the Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner to start, then the Moisture Milk Leave-In Treatment,” said Katie.

katie holmes alterna
Katie Holmes swears by Alterna haircare products to keep her locks healthy, strong and silky. (Photo: Alterna)

Holmes applies the Moisture Milk Leave-In treatment to damp hair, which she air-dries, saying it keeps her hair shiny and feeling like “cashmere” all day long. The treatment also repairs split ends, she said.

To keep her skin looking wrinkle-free and smooth, Katie swears by “lots of moisturizer,” saying her daily favorites are:

Holmes, who’s divorced from actor Tom Cruise, revealed the lesson she most wants for her daughter to learn: “To be beautiful, and to take the time to be who you are.” katie holmes beauty secrets olayKatie said her fitness secrets include a healthy diet and regular workouts that include yoga, cycling and running, saying exercise keeps your skin looking young by keeping the blood circulating.

The youthful-looking Holmes, 36, also occasionally gets facials, but says daily moisturizing and taking her makeup off before bed are her top beauty secrets.

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