Bobbi Kristina’s Death Caused By ‘Toxic Cocktail’ And Savage Beatings By Nick Says Lawsuit

Bobbi Kristina’s Death Caused By ‘Toxic Cocktail’ And Savage Beatings By Nick Says Lawsuit
bobbi kristina brown deathbed photos lawsuit
Bobbi Kristina was poisoned by Nick Gordon, according to a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit. (Photos: National Enquirer/Bobbi Kristina Instagram)

Bobbi Kristina Brown died after being given a “toxic cocktail” after boyfriend Nick Gordon brutally beat her, according to an amended wrongful death lawsuit filed in Georgia Superior Court Aug. 7 .

The amended lawsuit comes shortly after deathbed photos of Bobbi Kristina were published by the National Enquirer tabloid. In the lawsuit, Brown’s conservator claims Nick viciously beat BK before poisoning her with a potent alcoholic drink the night she was found unconscious in her bathtub.

Witnesses say Gordon called Bobbi Kristina a “whore and b*tch” before beating her, knocking out her front tooth and then rendering her unconscious with a “toxic cocktail,” Examiner reported.

Witnesses claim Nick argued with Bobbi Kristina on Jan. 31 before lunging at her while she was seated on a sofa, causing the sofa to break and throwing Brown to the ground.

“Defendant then demanded that she go upstairs,” the lawsuit reads. “Bobbi Kristina began crawling on the floor because she could not stand up due to the injuries Defendant inflicted.

“Defendant then dragged her upstairs by her hair and threw her in the master bedroom, leaving blood on the walls of the staircase.”

According to the complaint, the argument started after Gordon had come home following an all-night “cocaine and drinking binge.”

whitney houston bobbi kristina book
Bobbi Kristina was a suicidal drug addict at 14 and tried to stab mom Whitney, claims the book ‘Whitney & Bobbi Kristina.’

Brown was a longtime drug addict who attempted suicide at 14, according to the explosive book, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.

Nick allegedly got furious after reviewing surveillance camera footage and listening to Bobbi Kristina’s private phone conversations. “He began screaming and calling her a wh*re and b*tch,” said witnesses.

After arguing for 30 minutes, Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina “a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious, and then put her face down in a tub of cold water, causing her to suffer brain damage,” the lawsuit reads.

bobbi kristina hospice deathbed
Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is accused of beating and robbing Brown in a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit. (Photo: Natl Enquirer)

Fifteen minutes later, one of the guests went to check in on Bobbi Kristina and found her unconscious in her bathtub. Witnesses claim Brown’s mouth was swollen from the beating and a tooth was hanging loose from her mouth.

Gordon denies allegations that he ever hit, slapped, punched or robbed Bobbi Kristina. In a statement, Nick’s defense lawyers called the $10 million wrongful death lawsuit “slanderous and meritless.”

You can find more jaw-dropping revelations in Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.

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