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Food Network’s Robert Irvine Pens Fitness Book: His Low-Carb Diet And Workout Secrets

robert irvine fitness book

Food Network chef Robert Irvine shares his anti-aging fitness and health secrets in his new book, ‘Fit Fuel.’ (Photos: Instagram)

Food Network star Robert Irvine is fitter than ever at 49, thanks to a healthy low-carb diet and daily workouts.

Chef Irvine shares his anti-aging health and fitness secrets in his new book, Fit Fuel, where he reveals how you can lose weight, feel great and get in the best shape of your life with diet and exercise.

Fit Fuel represents the first time that I’ve combined my decades of experience in food and fitness with my ‘no excuses’ motivational approach,” said Chef Irvine. “I know it works because it’s built on the same health-focused principles I live by every day.”

Irvine works out at dawn six or seven days a week and follows a high-protein, low-carb diet that features lots of salads and vegetables, Examiner reported. Chef Robert also works out almost every day. It’s a lifestyle he follows despite being on the road much of the year.

robert irvine workout

Robert Irvine is fitter than ever at 49, thanks to a healthy diet and daily exercise. (Photo: Instagram)

“Every morning, we work out at 5 a.m.,” said Robert. “The only time I’m not working out at 5 a.m. is when I’m home. Then I’ll sleep in a little and do the workout in the afternoon.”

Irvine, who served in the British Royal Navy, credits his military background for his disciplined approach to fitness.

“I was in the military for a long time, and I’ve always believed in physical fitness and health,” said Irvine, creator of the FortiFx Fit Crunch Meal Replacement Bar.

robert irvine wife gail kim

Robert Irvine’s sexy Korean wife, pro wrestler Gail Kim, shares his passion for healthy eating and exercise. (Photo: Instagram)

“When I met my wife, Gail Kim, she had a profound influence on my life because she doesn’t eat dairy and a lot of other things like that, and it made me more healthy.”

Irvine, who married professional wrestler Gail Kim in May 2012, says his wife inspired him to overhaul his diet. “I eat a lot of vegetables and salads, mostly high-protein foods and not so many carbs,” said Robert. “I try not to do carbs after 2 p.m.”

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Like many fitness fanatics, Irvine never lets his hectic travel schedule interfere with his daily workouts. So what advice does he have for eating well and being in shape? “Think about your meals ahead of time,” he said.

You can learn more of Chef Robert Irvine’s diet and workout secrets and find out his favorite healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Fit Fuel.

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