LeAnn Rimes Beauty, Makeup, Psoriasis And Skin Care Secrets: Takes 40 Vitamin Pills A Day

LeAnn Rimes Beauty, Makeup, Psoriasis And Skin Care Secrets: Takes 40 Vitamin Pills A Day
LeAnn Rimes bikini diet workout
LeAnn Rimes’ beauty and fitness secrets include taking 40 vitamin pills a day, working out at home and anti-aging skincare lotions. (Photo: Instagram)

LeAnn Rimes has a fit bikini body and glowing skin, thanks to an organic diet, regular exercise, vitamins, and scrupulous skin care.

LeAnn works out at home, mixing up her exercise routine to tone her entire body.

“At home, we have a gym upstairs,” said Rimes. “I switch it up between circuit training, Pilates, boxing, and yoga every once in a while. I also jump rope a lot when I’m on the road. That’s one thing that I carry with me because you can do it wherever.”

In addition to exercise, LeAnn’s fitness and beauty secrets include vitamin supplements that boost metabolism and give her healthy skin and lustrous hair, Examiner reported.

LeAnn Rimes uses SkinMedica and Ayur-Medic lotions to keep her skin glowing. (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m a big vitamin person,” said Rimes. “I take like 20 pills in the morning and 20 at night: Fish oil, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, biotin. I have an herbalist I work with who has put me on a bunch of different things.”

LeAnn has suffered from psoriasis since age 2, so she’s scrupulous about skincare and makeup. leann rimes weight loss

“I’m a big face-product person,” said Rimes. “I use a line called Ayur-Medic. I usually don’t like a full line of products, but theirs is amazing.”

LeAnn continued: “I also use a little bit of SkinMedica. I do basic washing and serums at night. In the morning, I’ll wipe my face down with toner and put on sunscreen.”

For her body, Rimes uses moisturizers that keep her skin from drying out from psoriasis.

“I have this thing with my skin feeling tight all the time, so I carry lotion with me wherever I go,” said LeAnn. “I love Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, and I have this Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream that I put on my thighs.”


LeAnn doesn’t wash her hair every day to keep it from getting dry and brittle. Rimes prefers to wash her hair every 3 or 4 days. In between washings, Rimes relies on dry shampoos to keep her hair bouncy and clean.

“I love dry shampoo,” said Rimes. “The Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo is my favorite thing ever. KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray is good too.”


“Thank God I have good skin now,” said Rimes.

“I only need just a bit of Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer and Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen. I don’t do much anymore.”

Like most women, LeAnn has days when she feels unattractive and bloated. Fortunately, Rimes has learned to overcome negative feelings with a positive attitude.


“There are moments where I feel insecure, when I feel completely bloated and disgusting,” said LeAnn.

“Working out, taking care of myself, and knowing that I’m putting healthy things into my body makes me feel beautiful — even on the days when I feel like crap.”

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