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WWE Ariane ‘Cameron’ Andrew: Her Total Divas Diet And Workout Secrets

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WWE Diva Ariane ‘Cameron’ Andrew follows a healthy diet and works out to maintain her hot bikini body. (Photos: Instagram)

WWE Diva Ariane “Cameron” Andrew says the secret to her smoking-hot bikini body is consistency and dedication.

Ariane, who stars on the reality show “Total Divas,” eats whatever she wants but exercises regularly, doing a combination of circuit training, weightlifting and cardio.

“I like to eat whatever I want but I exercise at least 3-4 times a week,” said Andrew. “I encourage everyone to enjoy their lives and eat what they please as long they exercise. My motto is: ‘Work hard to play hard.'”

Ariane says the secret to her toned legs and sexy glutes is walking stairs.

“The Stairmaster: Do it. Your booty and your boyfriend will thank you,” said Andrew. “Being on the road almost all year round can become challenging, but if you’re dedicated, it’s a piece of cake!”

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Andrew prefers to drink protein smoothies after a workout. “Make sure to fuel up on a great protein smoothie,” said Ariane.

“Use fresh and frozen berries, almond milk (for a little extra protein) and some raw chocolate to spice things up! I like to make one after a hard workout or as a meal replacement to curb those late-night cravings.”

After a rigorous exercise session, Cameron stretches to keep her muscles limber.

“Make sure to foam roll and stretch before and after a workout,” said Ariane. “This will make your body less sore and help avoid injuries.”

Finally, Cameron says it’s important to meditate to stay mentally and emotionally calm and healthy.

“If you can find the space to meditate, try it. That mental muscle is just as important,” said Ariane. “Keep it calm, be receptive and kick some ass in the gym. Know that you are worth it.”

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