Hope Solo’s Domestic Violence Trial Moves Forward: Beat Up Sister And Teenage Nephew

Hope Solo’s Domestic Violence Trial Moves Forward: Beat Up Sister And Teenage Nephew
hope solo domestic violence arrest
Hope Solo will be tried for allegedly beating up her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew. (Photo: Faxebook)

Soccer thug Hope “Roid Rage” Solo will again face domestic violence charges after a Washington appellate court reversed the lower trial court’s decision to throw the case out due to a legal technicality. No trial date has been set.

Solo, a goalie who helped lead the U.S. women’s soccer team to the World Cup victory in July 2014, was arrested in June 2014 after allegedly beating up her half-sister, Teresa Obert, and her 17-year-old nephew.

According to police reports, a drunk Hope started arguing with her sister and nephew during a party at Teresa’s Seattle home when Solo physically attacked her nephew.

When Teresa intervened to protect her son, Hope turned on her, and repeatedly punched her in the face, police reports show.

“Hope grabbed him by the head and kept slamming him into the cement over and over again,” said Obert. “So I came from behind her, and I pulled her over to get her off my son. Once she got off, she started punching me in the face over and over again.”

hope solo injuries nephew sister
Hope Solo’s sister and nephew suffered multiple cuts, scratches and bruises on their face, neck, arms and neck. (Photos: TMZ)

Police say Solo was also combative at the jailhouse when they were trying to book her.

According to police reports, Hope was so aggressive she had to be forced to the ground. She then verbally threatened a female officer, saying, “You’re such a b*tch. You’re scared of me because you know that if the handcuffs were off, I’d kick your *ss.”

Solo also allegedly called another police officer a “14-year-old boy.” When asked to remove her necklace, the drunk Solo told the officer her necklace cost more than his entire year’s salary.

In 2012, Hope Solo’s husband Jerramy Stevens was arrested for domestic violence after she claimed he attacked her. Stevens was later released due to lack of evidence. (Photo: Twitter)

This isn’t Hope’s first brush with domestic violence. In 2012, Solo’s husband, Jerramy Stevens, was arrested after Solo told cops he had assaulted her. Stevens was later released for lack of evidence and was never charged with any crime.

Given the size difference between Hope and the 6-foot-7 Jerramy (who weighs 260 pounds), it’s obvious that if he had wanted to beat Hope up, she would have been severely hurt, if not dead.

Sadly, many men are silent victims of domestic violence but don’t report the crimes because they’re embarrassed and ashamed. Usually, the men tolerate getting hit, slapped or choked by their wives or girlfriends because they “don’t want to hit a woman.”

In the United States, one in 7 adult men has been the victim of severe physical violence by a romantic partner during his lifetime, according to the CDC.

In 2012, Solo failed a drug test but was allowed to compete at the 2012 London Olympics after accepting a public warning as sanction.

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