Isabella Cruise Banned Nicole Kidman From Scientology Wedding: Tom Cruise Paid For Event

Isabella Cruise Banned Nicole Kidman From Scientology Wedding: Tom Cruise Paid For Event
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Isabella Cruise married British IT consultant Max Parker in a Scientology wedding in London. (Photo: Facebook)

Isabella Cruise, the adopted daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, reportedly banned her Oscar-winning actress mom from her Sept. 18 Scientology wedding to husband Max Parker.

Sources said Tom paid for Isabella’s wedding and approves of Parker, but did not attend the ceremony. Isabella’s adopted brother, Conor Cruise, was also a no-show, and her adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman, was banned.

isabella cruise husband max parker
Tom Cruise did not attend daughter Isabella Cruise’s wedding but reportedly approves of her new husband and paid for the ceremony.

Isabella, 22, married Max Parker, a British IT consultant, on Sept. 18 at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The wedding guests included only a group of friends, including four bridesmaids.

Tom is a longtime Scientologist who raised both Isabella and Conor as Scientologists. “The wedding was a Scientology ceremony,” a source told the NY Post. “Nicole wasn’t there — she didn’t even know about it at all.”

Isabella is reportedly still with the Church of Scientology, but her husband, Max Parker, is not.

Scientologists believe they should avoid non-believers, whom they label “suppressive persons” who should be shunned, according to the book “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.”

Tom’s divorces stemmed from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes’ desire to leave the Church of Scientology, according to tabloid reports.

Tom Cruise, 53, and Nicole Kidman, 48, divorced in 2001 after 11 years of marriage, during which time they adopted Isabella and Connor. Isabella, a recent graduate of London’s Delamar Academy of Make-up and Hair, is an aspiring makeup artist.

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