John Goodman Weight Loss Secrets: Lost 100 Pounds With Sugar-Free Diet and Exercise

John Goodman Weight Loss Secrets: Lost 100 Pounds With Sugar-Free Diet and Exercise
john goodman weight loss diet before after
John Goodman credited a sugar-free, no-alcohol diet for his 100-plus-pound weight loss. (Photo: Twitter)

John Goodman is in the best shape of his life at 63, thanks to his 100-pound weight loss with a no-alcohol, sugar-free Mediterranean-style diet and rigorous workouts.

Goodman stunned fans after showing off his shocking weight loss at the London premiere of “Trumbo.” John, who once weighed more than 400 pounds, has lost over 100 pounds since 2009.

Goodman’s weight loss secrets were a sugar-free, no-alcohol diet and six-day-a-week workouts, as Celebrity Health & Fitness has reported.

John, who was morbidly obese for decades, said he got sick and tired of being fat and unhealthy.

“It was a waste,” said Goodman, who starred on Roseanne from 1988 to 1997. “It takes a lot of creative energy to sit on your *ss and figure out what you’re going to eat next. I wanted to live life better.”

john goodman weight loss trumbo premiere
John Goodman lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise after he quit drinking and smoking. (Photos: YouTube)

John quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in 2007 and started training with fitness coach Mackie Shilstone, who previously worked with tennis champ Serena Williams.

Goodman hit the gym six days a week and followed a sugar-free Mediterranean-style diet.

John’s determination and athleticism impressed Shilstone.

“John is very agile,” said Shilstone, the author of The Fat-Burning Bible. “He remembers what it feels like to be extremely heavy and it’s something he doesn’t want again.”

Reducing or eliminating sugar intake promotes natural weight loss by preventing the blood sugar spikes that lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, said obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

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