Adele Debuts ‘Hello’ Video From New Album 25: Her Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Secrets

Adele Debuts ‘Hello’ Video From New Album 25: Her Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Secrets
adele 25
Adele is back with her third studio album, “25.” (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Adele Adkins released the music video for “Hello,” a track from her highly anticipated third album, 25, which drops in Nov. 20.

Adele, who has kept a low profile since giving birth to son Angelo in 2012, looks sensational in the video for “Hello,” a touching anthem about lost love and romantic regrets.

Adele said her 25th birthday was a milestone in her life, and that’s why she named her album “25.”

“Turning 25 was a turning point for me, slap bang in the middle of my twenties,” Adkins, 28, wrote on Facebook.

“Teetering on the edge of being an old adolescent and a fully-fledged adult, I made the decision to go into becoming who I’m going to be forever without a removal van full of my old junk. My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one I would call it a make-up record.”

Adele continued: “25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing. I’m so sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

One major life event was the birth of Adele’s son, Angelo (with fiance Simon Konecki).

Adele has lost a dramatic amount of weight since giving birth in 2012 and has maintained her weight loss with a vegetarian diet and running workouts.

While she has not discussed how many pounds she lost or what she weighs, a  before-and-after photo comparison suggests Adele has shed at least 50 pounds.

“I’m trying to be veggie,” said Adele. “I have to be really healthy and stuff like that. I can find another way of getting all the stuff out of meat you need. I hate that tofu stuff, though. It’s rank. Whenever I’m about to eat meat, I always see my little dog’s eyes.”

Adele has maintained her dramatic post-baby weight loss with a vegetarian diet. (Photos: Facebook)

Adele switched to a vegetarian diet after being inspired by her fiance, Simon Konecki. She looks and feels better than ever.

The weight loss and health benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets are no surprise to Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

“A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature — predominantly plants — is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention,” said Dr. Katz, author of Disease-Proof.

adele weight loss vegetarian dietObesity expert Dr. Neal Barnard agrees.

“Studies suggest that free radicals [toxic molecules that form in the body] contribute to aging,” Barnard wrote in his book, the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart. “A vegan diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, is full of antioxidants which help protect the body from damage by free radicals.”

Adele is not a workout fanatic, but has made an effort to be more active for health reasons. The British songstress’ weight loss is noteworthy because she has long stated that she’s perfectly happy being a size 14 and refuses to be fat-shamed or weight bullied.

“I’ve always been a size 14-16 and been fine with it,” she said. “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.”

Adele’s third studio album, 25, drops in November 2015. It’s the long-awaited followup to her smash-hit 2011 album, 21, which won six Grammy Awards.

Adele won another Grammy in 2014 for the hit soundtrack of the James Bond film, Skyfall.

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