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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Has 6% Body Fat: His P90X Workout Routine

paul-ryan P90x workout

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, stays fit with Tony Horton’s P90X workouts. (Photo: Facebook)

Paul Ryan (R-WI), the newly crowned Speaker of the House of Representatives, is a fitness fanatic who works out at dawn every day to  maintain an impressive 6% to 8% body fat.

Ryan was sworn in as the 54th Speaker of the House on Oct. 29 after receiving 236 of the 432 votes cast in the House of Representatives.

Ryan, who’s hailed as the future of the Republican party, was catapulted onto the national scene in 2012 after being selected as the vice presidential running mate for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

The 6-foot-2 Ryan, who weighs 163 pounds, maintains an impressive 6% to 8% body fat, thanks to intense P90X cross-training workouts, Examiner reported.

Paul, a former personal trainer, is so devoted to exercise that he leads near-daily P90X workout classes in the congressional gym on Capital Hill.

paul ryan workout

Paul Ryan is a former personal trainer who leads near-daily P90X workout classes on Capital Hill (Photos: Time).

“It’s a fantastic workout,” Ryan said of P90X, thebestselling workout created by Tony Horton. “It hits your body in many different ways: pull-ups, sit-ups, lots of cardio, karate, jump training, yoga.”

Ryan’s fitness fanaticism was fueled by the deaths of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who all died of heart attacks at ages 55, 57, and 59, respectively.

In his acceptance speech as the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, 45, expressed gratitude and hope.

“My friends, you have done me a great honor,” said Ryan. “The people of this country have done all of us a great honor. Now, let’s prove ourselves worthy of it. Let’s seize the moment. Let’s rise to the occasion.”

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