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Shonda Rhimes 127 Pound Weight Loss Inspired By ‘A Year of Yes’: Diet And Exercise Tips

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Shonda Rhimes discussed her 127-pound weight loss with Oprah and in her memoir, Year of Yes. (Photo: Twitter)

Shonda Rhimes’ incredible 127-pound weight loss was partly motivated by her saying “yes” to life, health, and happiness and “no” to complacency.

Rhimes told Oprah Winfrey on “Super Soul Sunday” Nov. 15 she lost weight after deciding she wanted to say “yes” to reclaiming her health through diet and exercise.

Shonda, who had been obese for her entire adult life, insisted she never intentionally set out to lose weight, but slimmed down naturally after she resolved to take care of herself.

“It was a complete byproduct of the whole thing,” said Rhimes, who detailed her weight loss in her book Year Of Yes. “It wasn’t the goal. One of the yeses was, ‘I can’t say yes to everything and not say yes to taking care of myself and my health.’ That came from having an epiphany.”

Shonda continued: “I work my butt off at work and I work hard at being a mother, so why do I think losing weight would be easy?”

“I realized that I could spend my life thinking, ‘I wish I could lose weight,'” said Shonda Rhimes.

It wasn’t easy, but Rhimes dropped 127 pounds during the past year by drastically cutting back on portion sizes and processed junk, eating healthier foods, and exercising.

While her jaw-dropping weight loss has fueled rumors she got gastric surgery, Rhimes said she lost weight through good old-fashioned diet and exercise, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

“I changed everything I ate, and I hated all of that,” said Rhimes. “I hate exercising and I did that, too. I hated it the whole time. Once I decided it wasn’t gonna be fun, I lowered my expectations, and it got kind of easier.”

“I just decided I was gonna get it together and get healthy,” said Rhimes. “I have some little kids and I want to be around for them.”

Shonda also recalled how a humiliating incident on an airplane made her realize she was too fat to fit the seatbelt on her first-class airplane seat.

“In 2014 I get on a plane to New York,” Rhimes recounted the defining moment in her new book, Year of Yes. I’m a fancy TV writer. So I have a big first-class comfy seat.”

Shonda continued: “I grab the seatbelt and – well it’s gotta be broken. Right? RIGHT? I do not have a broken seat belt. I am literally too fat for a first-class airplane seat belt.”

At that instant, Rhimes realized she had let her emotional overeating lead her to dangerous obesity.

Shonda Rhimes recounts her 127-pound weight loss in her memoir, A Year of Yes.

“Food makes you feel better. It numbs you,” wrote Shonda. “Being numb no longer suits me. What I have come to call ‘The Airplane Seat Belt Incident of 2014’ made putting food on top of things no longer an option.”

Rhimes added: “I realized that I could spend my life thinking, ‘I wish I could lose weight,’ or ‘I’m going to,’ or ‘I’m trying to.’ I couldn’t be the whiner anymore.”

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