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Donald Trump Weight Loss: Lost 15 Pounds On Campaign Trail Without Diet Or Exercise

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Donald Trump lost 15 pounds without diet or exercise because he’s too pumped to eat after his ‘exhilarating’ campaign speeches.

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump recently lost 15 pounds without diet or exercise because of his busy and “exhilarating” campaign schedule.

Trump said he’s too busy to eat when he’s traveling and making speeches before thousands of people, so he unintentionally dropped 15 pounds without even trying, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

“I have actually lost 15 pounds on the campaign trail,” the Republican presidential candidate told People.  “There’s so little time to be eating.”

The 6-foot-2 Trump said he often ends up snacking on chips and candy instead of consuming large meals because he’s so pumped up on adrenaline he loses his appetite.

“I tend to just be able to eat snacks because it’s so busy and there are so many people and so much hoopla everywhere I go,” said Trump, author of the bestseller, The Art of the Deal.

“It’s not the healthiest of eating. It’s stuff I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. It’s grabbing anything you can find.”

Donald Trump says wife Melania has been very supportive of his presidential bid.

The Donald is a polarizing political figure who has drawn both praise and criticism for his tough stance on immigration and his politically incorrect remarks about rivals and political issues.

More recently, Trump was slammed after suggesting the wave of Syrian refugees coming to the United States could be a “Trojan horse” that will bring in radical Islamic terrorists who want to kill Americans.

The Donald previously supported granting asylum to refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but changed his mind after the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured 350.

Donald Trump has written a number of bestselling books on finance and success, including his most recent release, ‘Crippled America.’

While other politicians get out of shape because of constant traveling and lack of healthy food on the campaign trail, Trump credited his “exciting” campaign for his weight loss.

“I have lost weight because my events are so exciting,” said Trump, 69. “When I’m done I don’t want to eat. But I could see how it could go the other way for some people. That’s only because their events are boring.”

Trump said the endorphin rush he gets from speaking to large, enthusiastic crowds is almost like a cardio workout.

“One of the reasons is I have big crowds and they’re very exciting stops,” says Trump, the author of Crippled America. “Speaking is almost a form of exercise. It’s very exhilarating. You get so worked up, you don’t feel like eating after that.”

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