Britney Spears Weight Loss Secret Is Low-Carb Diet And Yoga: Fit And Healthy At 34

Britney Spears Weight Loss Secret Is Low-Carb Diet And Yoga: Fit And Healthy At 34

britney spears birthdayBritney Spears celebrated her 34th birthday Dec. 2 with her two sons, friends and family with an adorable birthday cake with a teacup topper.

“Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes today!” Britney wrote on Instagram. “I loved reading them just as much as I loved my teacup cake.”

Spears, whose two-year Las Vegas residency was due to expire in December 2015, has extended her residency until 2017.

At 34, Britney looks healthier and happier than ever after several turbulent years during her late 20s, when she was forcibly hospitalized and placed on suicide watch.

britney-spears flat absSpears’ weight loss and bikini body fitness secrets are a low-carb diet, cardio exercise and yoga workouts, TheImproper reported. Britney said she sometimes has trouble sticking to a healthy diet, but loves to exercise.

“Daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically,” said Spears, who has her own bestselling perfume line. “I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I didn’t have a problem being motivated.”

Britney, a mom of two, said her body has changed after two pregnancies, but a low-carb diet coupled with cardio exercise and yoga workouts keep her fit.

Yoga promotes natural weight loss by reducing stress, building lean muscles and suppressing appetite, Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher, said Mandy Ingber, author of the bestseller Yogalosophy.

britney spears bikini body fitness

Britney previously said sticking to a diet is hard because she loves high-calorie, sugary foods. However, Spears generally follows a low carb diet, and these days has become partial to sushi.

Low-carb diets such as the ketogenic and Atkins diets fuel rapid weight loss by inducing the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

A California woman recently lost 92 pounds in 10 months without exercise by following the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet.

Suzanne Ryan previously weighed 289 pounds and lost 92 pounds in 10 months by following the ketogenic diet, which is a very low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet.

ketogenic weight loss diet
Suzanne Ryan lost 92 pounds in 10 months with the ketogenic diet. (Photos: Suzanne Ryan)

The 5-foot-11 Ryan, who now weighs 197 pounds, was just about to get gastric bypass surgery before adopting the keto diet.

“When I first started keto I weighed 289 pounds, my energy level and self esteem were both at an all time low,” said Ryan, 31. “I felt tired and sick a lot of the time. Thankfully the ketogenic diet has turned my life around.”

Dr. Westman, director of the Duke University Obesity Clinic, has helped thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds on the ketogenic diet. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, Westman said in Keto Clarity. To the contrary, eating fat makes you thin and healthy.

“I tell my patients not to fear the fat,” said Dr. Westman. “Eat lots of fat. There’s no problem with fat.”

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