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Blake Lively’s Hot Bikini Body, Toned Legs Stun: Weight Loss, Diet And Beauty Secrets

blake lively bikiniBlake Lively flaunted her sexy legs in blue bikini bottoms from the set of her film, “The Shallows.”

In the Instagram photo, Blake explained that she sported a fake cut dripping with fake blood from her left leg.

“No, I wasn’t actually attacked by a shark,” Lively joked in the caption. “That definitely would’ve affected my 2015.”

Blake, who gave birth to daughter James (with husband Ryan Reynolds) in December 2015, lost all her baby weight just one month after delivery.

Lively’s post-baby weight loss secrets were an organic diet, light exercise and breastfeeding, Examiner reported.

Blake hates to work out, but leads an active lifestyle that involves lots of hiking and biking.

“I hate the gym, so what I do instead is find other ways to be active,” said Blake. “I ride bicycles, I hike, I go out and exercise in nature and I’m active that way.”

Lively also loves cooking and eating healthy, natural food.

“I like to cook,” said Blake. “I use a lot of fresh ingredients, which really does make a huge difference. It’s easier to be healthy when eating things that are fresh, because they are often fruits and vegetables.”

As Celebrity Health Fitness previously reported, Lively’s beauty, haircare and makeup secrets are:

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