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Kirstie Alley’s 50-Pound Weight Loss Tips: Portioned Diet And Dance Workouts

kirstie alley 50 pound weight lossKirstie Alley looks amazing after her 50-pound weight loss, and said she’s ready to date younger men now that she has so much energy.

Alley showed off her dramatic weight loss on a new commercial for the Jenny Craig diet (see video), where she reunited with her former “Cheers” co-stars, John Ratzenberger (“Cliff”) and George Wendt (“Norm”).

At 65, Kirstie looks fantastic, thanks to regular exercise and a healthy, portion-controlled diet, Examiner reported. Alley, whose weight has fluctuated dramatically over the years, said portion control is her weight loss secret.

“I go into restaurants and I watch other people order and basically they’re ordering a portion for four people,” said Alley. “We waste so much food in this country, and we serve so much food, and you lose track of what a real portion is. A meal is eight bites not 80.”

For exercise, Kirstie does fat-burning cardio dance workouts and bike-riding.

Alley feels so amazing after her 50-pound weight loss, she can’t wait to date again. However, Kirstie refuses to date men over 45 because they’re boring and tired in middle age.

“I want to say something to men over 45: Don’t be so freaking boring!” said Alley. “Don’t have the life already sucked out of you.”

Kirstie continued: “All it does is leave women to date young men and be really embarrassed, because we are dating guys in tank tops. I want some men around my age that aren’t boring and don’t act like they’re tired.”

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