Stacey Dash’s Anti-Aging Diet, Workout And Beauty Tips: Is Smoking Hot At 49

Stacey Dash’s Anti-Aging Diet, Workout And Beauty Tips: Is Smoking Hot At 49
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Stacey Dash is a gorgeous mom of two and conservative news commentator for Fox. (Photo: Instagram)

Stacey Dash is a stone-cold fox at 49, thanks to an anti-aging healthy diet and regular workouts.

Dash, a Fox News contributor, has barely aged since starring in the 1995 cult classic Clueless, where she played the shallow but sweet Dionne Davenport.

Amazingly, Stacey celebrated her 49th birthday on Jan. 20, and looks hotter than ever. Dash is a mom of two who has a 24-year-old son (can you believe that?).

Stacey’s anti-aging fitness secret is a low-carb, high-protein diet that excludes bread and features plenty of vegetables. Dash also exercises four days a week.

stacy dash then nowStacey’s beauty secret is equally simple.

“I literally just use Cetaphil,” Dash told Latina.

Stacey continued: “I do eye cream and sunscreen every day. Even if you’ve got olive skin, or brown skin, you still need sunscreen. I drink a lot of water. I work out.”

The super-fit Dash said it’s important to maintain a constant weight and have a youthful attitude that embraces new experiences and change.

stacey dash book diet workoutStacey, now a conservative darling, grew up on the rough streets of the Bronx, New York.

Dash has been slammed by liberals for her refreshingly honest political views, and said her tough upbringing shaped her into the strong woman she is today.

Stacey Dash shares her secrets to fame, success and happiness in her forthcoming book, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, which comes out in June.

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