Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: 26 Pounds Lost With Weight Watchers Diet And Workouts

Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: 26 Pounds Lost With Weight Watchers Diet And Workouts
oprah weight watchers weight loss 26 pounds
Oprah Winfrey lost 26 pounds with the Weight Watchers diet while eating her favorite food — bread — every day. (Photo: Instagram)

Oprah Winfrey has lost 26 pounds since August 2015, and said her weight loss secret is the Weight Watchers diet.

In a new commercial for Weight Watchers (see video) posted Jan. 26, Oprah said she shed 26 pounds while eating bread every day.

“I lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day,” said Oprah via Examiner. “This is the joy for me! I love bread!”

Oprah, who once tipped the scales at 237 pounds, has lost and regained dramatic amounts of weight during the past three decades. Now 61, Winfrey urged viewers not to give up on their weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers has given me the tools to have accountability to myself,” said Winfrey.

The Weight Watchers program focuses on portion control, mindful eating and a point system that enables dieters to keep track of their caloric intake.

Oprah also makes an effort to be active every day, doing yoga, stretching and cardio exercise on the treadmill or elliptical trainer.

oprah winfrey workout

Winfrey is thrilled with her 26-pound weight loss, but said she has finally made peace after years of hating her body.

“All the years I dieted, complained, and was less than satisfied with my shape have yielded to a new perspective, an appreciation for the body that’s brought me this far,”Oprah wrote in O, The Oprah Magazine. “I’ve spent too many years resisting, neglecting and negating my body.”

Oprah, who once pined for Diana Ross’ fat-free hips, no longer worries about being skinny, but about being strong and healthy.

oprah winfrey weight loss diet
Oprah said she’s no longer obsessed with being skinny, but focuses on being healthy and strong. (Photos: O)

Winfrey is through beating herself up because of her weight and vowed to enjoy each day no matter what the scale says.

“You get one chance to be 25, 38, 44, 61 and every age before and between,” said Oprah. “Why wouldn’t you want to experience all the wonder in each step on your path?”

The self-made billionaire shared her secrets for happiness and success in her self-help book, Oprah: 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Powerful Wisdom.

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