Catherine Zeta Jones Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets: Argan Oil, Diet And Exercise

Catherine Zeta Jones Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets: Argan Oil, Diet And Exercise
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Catherine Zeta Jones says a healthy diet, exercise and argan oil are her anti-aging beauty secrets. (Photos: Instagram)

Catherine Zeta Jones looks gorgeous at 46, thanks to anti-aging argan oil, which she says smooths out wrinkles and gives her radiant skin.

Zeta Jones told Mumsnet argan oil is an excellent moisturizer that keeps her skin wrinkle-free.

“I’m finding, just from traveling from New York and being in heated hotel rooms, my skin feels like a Walker’s crisp at the moment,” said Catherine.

“I’ve been using some argan oil just to saturate my skin at night. It has some nourishment as I sleep, to start the day a little bit more hydrated.”

In addition to being an excellent organic moisturizer, argan oil has been shown to nourish and strengthen hair and diminish stretch marks.

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Catherine Zeta Jones applies argan oil as a moisturizer at night, saying it gives her glowing skin in the morning.

Zeta Jones also makes sure she drinks plenty of water, to flush out toxins and hydrate her skin from the inside-out.

“The real hydration comes from within,” said Catherine. “You can never drink too much water. No diet sodas!”

Zeta Jones, who’s married to actor Michael Douglas, said her anti-aging fitness secrets are a healthy and regular exercise, Examiner reported.

Catherine, a former dancer, eats well, but doesn’t deprive herself. “I eat like a horse,” she said. “I do have a very healthy appetite, but I work out.”

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Catherine also works out every day, if possible. “I have a ballet barre in my gym,” said Zeta Jones. “I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour.

Zeta Jones added: “I also hula-hoop, walk on the treadmill, do the elliptical [trainer]. I try to keep the whole body working.”

Catherine, who has battled bipolar disorder and depression, said the best anti-aging beauty secret is being happy. “I think happiness is the best tonic for keeping us youthful,” said Zeta Jones. “Being happy with who you are inside radiates on the outside.”

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