Teresa Giudice Weight Loss And Yoga Tips: Workout, Prison Sex Detailed In New Book

Teresa Giudice Weight Loss And Yoga Tips: Workout, Prison Sex Detailed In New Book

teresa giudice book after jailTeresa Giudice is a size 2, thanks to her eight-pound weight loss due to daily workouts and yoga sessions in prison.

Teresa worked out three times a day and began each morning with yoga to help her through her depressing days in jail, Examiner reported.

As a result of all the intense exercise, Giudice lost 8 pounds and is now skinnier than ever. Teresa fell in love with yoga in prison, and now wants to become a yoga teacher.

“Yoga changed my life!” Teresa gushed. “It got me though this whole ordeal, and I can’t live without it now. Now I’m leaner and more toned. I lost 8 pounds. I’m a size 2 now.”

Yoga promotes natural weight loss, is low-impact, and reduces stress, said Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher Mandy Ingber, author of Yogalosophy.

teresa giudice jail prison workoutGiudice recounted her daily jailhouse experiences in her new book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again. In her memoir, Teresa reveals that there was a lot of sex in prison.

The inmates had sex even when others were in the room because there was no privacy. “When the lights went out, they got busy,” wrote Giudice.

Teresa tried to make the best of her time in prison, but said jail was like hell.

“There was mold in the bathrooms,” she said. “There was not running water constantly. The showers were freezing cold. The living conditions were really horrible. There were some nights that we didn’t even have heat. It was hell.”

Before going to prison, Teresa was the star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the author of three bestselling cookbooks, including Skinny Italian and Fabulicious! Fit & Fast.

Teresa is expected to return to Real Housewives of New Jersey after completing her 13-month jail sentence. Husband Joe Giudice will begin his 41-month jail term in March.

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