Angelina Jolie Weight Loss Ignites Anorexia, Divorce Rumors: Skinny Angie Weighs 79 Pounds

Angelina Jolie Weight Loss Ignites Anorexia, Divorce Rumors: Skinny Angie Weighs 79 Pounds
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Angelina Jolie’s drastic weight loss has spurred rumors she’s anorexic. (National Enquirer, Instagram)

Angelina Jolie’s recent weight loss continues to stir rumors she’s suffering from anorexia and may be headed toward divorce from husband Brad Pitt.

Sources said Brad is worried sick about Angelina, who reportedly weighs an anemic 79 pounds.

For weeks, rumors have swirled that Jolie is “dying” due to her anorexia-induced weight loss and starvation diet.

The speculation peaked in March 2016, when the National Enquirer claimed the 5-foot-7 Angie weighs 79 pounds, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

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Unnamed sources claim Jolie is anorexic and follows a near-starvation diet.

Sources claim Jolie skips meals and refuses to eat, TheImproper reported. Angelina’s toothpick-thin arms and skeletal legs confirm she does not eat much.

“[Brad is] so worried about her dying and loves her so much he’s willing to divorce her as a wake-up call,” a source told the National Enquirer. “He’s watched in despair as Angie sometimes goes all day without eating a solid meal. She doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed.”

Insiders claim Brad has hired dietitians and nutritionists to help Angelina, whose skeletal body has alarmed him and their six children.

Jolie married Pitt in August 2014 in a fairytale wedding ceremony at Chateau Miraval, their sprawling wine estate in the South of France.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married mr and mrs smith.
Angie and Brad met on the set of their 2004 blockbuster ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith.’

The gorgeous couple met on the set of their 2004 blockbuster, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and co-starred again in the 2015 film By the Sea.

In 2014, Jolie’s former babysitter said Angelina was hospitalized for anorexia as a teen, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Cis Rundle, a friend of Jolie’s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, claimed she once carried a frail Angie into a hospital after she collapsed from malnutrition.

Angelina has been a United Nations goodwill ambassador since 2001. She detailed her field work in her memoir, Notes from My Travels.

Angelina has never addressed the anorexia reports, but admitted she lost weight shortly after her mom died in 2007 due to stress and depression. Jolie has insisted she tries to be healthy for the sake of her six children.

Jolie, who has been honest about her past drug addiction and self-cutting, said her U.N. humanitarian work helped her heal from the depression and existential frustration she felt all her life.

Angelina, who has been a United Nations goodwill ambassador since 2001, discussed how her charity work has changed her life in her diary, Notes from My Travels.

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