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Reese Witherspoon Flaunts Bikini Body: Diet, Weight Loss And Exercise Secrets

reese witherspoon bikini legally blonde
Reese Witherspoon posed in a pink bikini to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her hot movie, ‘Legally Blonde.’ (Photo: Instagram)

Reese Witherspoon showed off her fit bikini body on Instagram to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her hit movie, “Legally Blonde.”

Reese still has an amazing bikini body after three pregnancies, thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Witherspoon has barely aged since rocketing to stardom in the 2001 comedy, Legally Blonde, in which she plays the adorable Harvard Law student Elle Woods.

Reese, a Stanford University alum, is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, having parlayed her bubbly blonde looks into comedic and dramatic roles.

Reese Witherspoon’s secret to her gorgeous legs is running for an hour, either outdoors or on a treadmill. (Photo: Instagram)

Witherspoon still looks fantastic and youthful at 40, thanks to a portion-controlled diet and regular workouts that include running, yoga, Pilates and hiking.

While Reese prefers to run outdoors, she also does cardio exercise on the treadmill or elliptical trainer, as long as she can work up a good sweat.

“I like to run for about an hour, and I’m big into working out with girlfriends,” Witherspoon told Good Housekeeping.

Reese also does Pilates, which celebrities like Kate Hudson credit for their rapid post-baby weight loss, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

Proponents say Pilates sculpts long, lean muscles, improves flexibility, and strengthens the abs and midsection.

Kate Hudson credits Pilates for her 70-pound post-baby weight loss and hot bikini body. (Photos: Instagram)

Witherspoon is also a huge fan of yoga. Yoga promotes natural weight loss by reducing stress, building lean muscles and suppressing appetite, said Olivia Summers, author of Yoga For Weight Loss.

While exercise makes her look good, Reese Witherspoon works out because it keeps her healthy and enables her to stay skinny without starving herself. “I work out all the time anyway just to stay healthy,” she said. “I don’t believe in crash dieting.”

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