Model Risa Hirako Diet And Beauty Secrets: Is 45 But Looks 25, Stuns Instagram

Model Risa Hirako Diet And Beauty Secrets: Is 45 But Looks 25, Stuns Instagram
rika hirako japanese model beauty secrets
Japanese model Risa Hirako is 45 but looks 25, thanks to a low-carb diet and skincare that includes sunscreen and retinol serums. (Instagram)

Risa Hirako has taken Instagram and the entire Internet by storm after news surfaced that the Japanese supermodel is 45 years old even though she looks 25!

Risa, who was born in 1971, is a famous model in Japan, thanks to her age-defying beauty, wrinkle-free skin, fat-free bikini body and doll-like features.

Hirako has an extremely popular Instagram page and blog, where she shares photos of her modeling gigs, meals and beauty secrets (in Japanese).

rika hirako bikini diet
Japanese model Risa Hirako has a sizzling bikini body at 45, thanks to diet and exercise. (Instagram)

Risa’s anti-aging diet is low-carb and filled with plenty of leafy green vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, and proteins such as meat, eggs and shrimp.

Hirako also stays model-skinny by including almond milk and organic honey in her diet.

Low-carb, high-fat diets are anti-aging because they prevent inflammation, which fuels weight gain and degenerative illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, said Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

Eating plenty of healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, olive oil and nuts prevents wrinkles, lubricates the joints and promotes younger-looking skin, said Dr. Mark Hyman, author of Eat Fat, Get Thin.

Like other Asian women, Risa Hirako avoids excessive sun exposure and uses sunscreen like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 every day to protect against wrinkles and ultraviolet radiation.

Author Naomi Moriyama detailed the anti-aging beauty, diet and exercise secrets of Japanese women in her book, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat.

japanese model rika hirako
Japanese model Risa Hirako follows a low-carb diet that features plenty of leafy green vegetables, healthy fats and high-quality proteins. (Instagram)

While some people have accused Risa of getting plastic surgery, no amount of cosmetic surgery can make someone look that naturally young.

Hirako, who’s divorced from Japanese actor Eisaku Yoshida, has a booming modeling career and enjoys the best of both worlds: The radiant glow of youth coupled with the wisdom of age.

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