Gillian Anderson Diet, Exercise And Beauty Tips: ‘X-Files’ Season 11 Details

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David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson starred on The X-Files from 1993 to 2002. It earned 16 Emmy Awards and became a pop-culture sensation. (Photo: Fox)

Gillian Anderson celebrated her 48th birthday amid news season 11 of “The X-Files” will likely return with 8 to 10 new episodes.

Dana Walden, CEO of the Fox Television Group, said producers are in talks with Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and X-Files writer Chris Carter for season 11.

“I don’t imagine it being a full season of The X-Files, but I would be really happy if we were able to get eight to 10 episodes,” Walden told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

Walden continued: “We would have liked to have done more [episodes] in the first place. It was really the limitations of David and Gillian and Chris’ schedules. Gillian lives in the UK, David lives in New York and California, and we do the show in Vancouver. Chris lives up north.”

When season 10 of The X-Files returned to TV in January 2016, fans were stunned how gorgeous and ageless Gillian looked. Co-star David Duchovny looked handsome and fit also.

Anderson’s anti-aging fitness and beauty secrets are a wheat-free diet and regular exercise that includes yoga and tai chi, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

“I’m highly sensitive to food,” Anderson told People. “Automatically, I can feel the shift in my body [if I eat wheat].”

Gillian hates to work out, but does light exercise such as hiking, yoga and tai chi to stay toned and flexible.

“You immediately feel like you’re one with nature [during tai chi],” said Anderson. “You become the wind and the air you’re breathing.”

Gillian told New Beauty her favorite beauty and makeup products include the following:

  • Clinique Moisture Surge Gel. “[This] is kind of extraordinary for application in the afternoon, if you’re starting to feel like you’re drying up and need some hydration.”
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. “I rely on it. That’s a staple. It feels natural, moisturizing, smooth and silky and gives great coverage without making it feel like I’m wearing anything.”

Anderson also does yoga and meditation to maintain her sleek body.

Yoga promotes natural weight loss, is low-impact exercise, and reduces stress, said Tara Stiles, author of Yoga Cures.

Unlike other beautiful women, Anderson doesn’t feel a catty competition with other women.

“I like women a lot and I champion them,” said Gillian. “I think women feel relatively comfortable in my presence. Because I’m not perfect, you know? I’ve got flabby thighs, I’m aging and I’m 5-foot-3.”

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