Kylie Jenner Beauty And Diet Secrets: Flaunts Hot Bikini Body On 19th Birthday

Kylie Jenner Beauty And Diet Secrets: Flaunts Hot Bikini Body On 19th Birthday
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Kylie Jenner’s bikini fitness and beauty secrets are a dairy-free diet, waist training, sunscreen and moisturizing shampoo. (Instagram)

Kylie Jenner squeezed into a tiny bikini and celebrated her 19th birthday in style in Turks and Caicos with rapper boyfriend Tyga, sister Kendall Jenner and a gaggle of girlfriends.

Kylie flaunted her curvy bikini body in an Instagram selfie snapped on a yacht before enjoying a sun-splashed beach vacation.

Kylie, who’s shorter and curvier than her supermodel sister Kendall, definitely has the oversized Kardashian butt.

Jenner says her bikini weight loss secret is a dairy-free diet and waist training, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

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Like her sisters Kim Kardashian, Kourtney and Khloe, Kylie says wearing a corset waist trainer several hours a day helped her achieve her hourglass body.

In 2014, Kim said she wore a waist trainer several hours a day to regain her small waist after giving birth to daughter North.

Unlike her sisters, Kyle is not a fan of rigorous exercise, but tries to work out occasionally to stay fit.

kylie jenner waist trainer
Kylie Jenner credits waist training for her bombshell curves and small waist. (Instagram)

At 19, Kylie has become a beauty icon, thanks to her TV popularity and 71 million Instagram followers.

Kylie’s beauty secrets include wearing sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage, premature wrinkling and acne, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

“I use one by TiZO3 Jenner told the NYTimes. “It doesn’t really smell like sunscreen, which I like, and it’s tinted.”

For moisturizing, Jenner prefers organic lotions. “I have sensitive skin and it’s super dry, so a lot of stuff irritates me,” she said. “For eye cream, I love the Kiehl’s avocado eye treatment.”

Kylie also makes sure to remove her makeup at night, to ensure her pores don’t get clogged.

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“At night, I’ll use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes,” said Jenner. “It even gets the waterproof stuff off.”

Jenner added: “For my lashes, I like to go to CVS and explore all the falsies. I like Wispies.”

To make her lips pop, Kylie uses her Koko K Lip Kit.

Kylie doesn’t wash her hair every day because too much cleansing strips the essential oils.

Kylie Jenner’s beauty secrets include sunscreen and her Koko K Lip Kit. (Photos: Instagram)

“I used to wash my hair every day, then people told me that wasn’t good for your hair, so now I try for every other day,” said Kylie. “I like the Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner.”

Jenner recently adopted a dairy-free diet to accelerate weight loss and prevent acne breakouts.

“I started going to this nutritionist because I was having a bad reaction to dairy,” said Kylie. “I feel like it made me gain a lot of weight. I’ve now cut out dairy, and it’s helping me get back in shape.

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