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Hillary’s Health Worries Dr. Drew Pinsky Amid Brain Damage, Dementia and Depression Rumors

hillarys health dr drew pinsky hillary clinton

Hillary’s health and substandard medical care alarm Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board-certified internist. (Twitter/Getty Images)

Physician Dr. Drew Pinsky is “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton‘s health and the arcane medical treatment she has been receiving for her hypothyroidism, blood clots and concussion.

Dr. Pinsky, a board-certified internist and nationally recognized drug addiction specialist, said Clinton may have suffered brain damage after her 2012 concussion, as evidenced by her use of prism glasses at the time (see above).

Prism glasses are usually worn to correct double vision after head trauma, like the one Hillary suffered when she fell and hit her head in 2012.

“[The use of prism glasses suggest] brain damage,” Dr. Drew said Aug. 17 on KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning” show (audio below). “That’s profound.”

After consulting with a physician colleague, Dr. Pinsky was shocked by the outdated treatment Hillary has been receiving for her lingering health problems, which include hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), deep vein thrombosis and blood clots.

“Based on the information she and her doctors provided, we were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care,” said Dr. Drew, who is no fan of Donald Trump.  “She’s receiving 1950s-level care.”

Hillary is taking a prescription thyroid hormone drug called Armour Thyroid, which is made from the dried thyroid glands of pigs.


Speculation over Hillary’s health have intensified after Internet observers questioned Clinton’s chronic dependence on stools at her brief rallies. (Getty Images)

Dr. Drew Pinsky, author of When Painkillers Become Dangerous, found this drug treatment shocking because it’s not a standard of care modern physicians use.

“She’s been treated for hypothyroidism with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional and something we used back in the 1960s,” said Dr. Drew. “Armour Thyroid sometimes has some weird side effects.”

According to recent guidelines published by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American Thyroid Association, Armour Thyroid is not a recommended treatment for hypothyroidism:

“There is no evidence to support using natural desiccated thyroid hormone (such as Armour Thyroid) in preference to levothyroxine in treating hypothyroidism.

“Therefore, desiccated thyroid hormone should not be used for the treatment of hypothyroidism.”

hillarys health concerns fueled by inability to climb stairs

Dr. Drew Pinsky said Hillary Clinton’s medical care for her underactive thyroid is outdated and questioned its impact on Hillary’s health. (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Clinton’s chronic reliance on stools during her brief rallies have stoked more speculation about Hillary’s health.

Photos of the 69-year-old grandmother constantly sitting on stools have popped up all over social media, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

It’s unclear why Hillary Clinton sits down so often, since she suffers from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), according to her doctor, Lisa Bardack.

Too much sitting exacerbates deep vein thrombosis, a serious condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein.

Hillary has had three blood clots in recent years: A blood clot in her brain in 2013, and two in her leg: in 2000 and 1998.

hillary clinton crisis of character gary byrne

Hillary Clinton is a violent nutcase who used to beat Bill and once gave him a black eye in the White House, former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne wrote in ‘Crisis of Character.’

Biographer Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times magazine, said Hillary suffers from exhaustion, insomnia, depression, hand tremors and blinding headaches.

“She no longer has the stamina for 18-hour campaign days,” a source told Klein in his 2015 book, Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary. “She is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time.”

The presidency is a demanding, around-the-clock job that requires high energy, stamina and ability to manage stress. The public has the right to know if their potential commander-in-chief is too sick to lead.

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