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Amber Rose Weight Loss Diet and Yoga Workout Secrets: Joins ‘Dancing With the Stars’

amber rose diet exercise workout tips

Amber Rose said her bikini body weight loss secrets are a high-protein diet, waist training and yoga workouts. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Amber Rose will compete on season 23 of “Dancing With the Stars,” where the former stripper will show off her sizzling dance moves.

Amber has been very busy recently after launching her new VH1 show, the “Amber Rose Show.”

The full cast of “DWTS” will be announced on Aug. 30, but other celebrities who will join season 23 include Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Rose will be ready for the grueling competition, thanks to her longtime dedication to diet and exercise.

amber rose diet yoga exercise weight loss

Amber Rose said her workout regimen includes cardio exercise and yoga workouts. (Instagram)

Amber’s weight loss and bikini fitness secrets are a high-protein diet, waist training and yoga workouts, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

The 5-foot-8 Rose, who weighed 202 pounds while pregnant, lost all her baby weight in 7 months by cutting portion sizes, doing yoga and working out with a trainer 90 minutes a day.

Yoga promotes natural weight loss, reduces stress, and prevents depression, said Tara Stiles, author of Yoga Cures.

amber rose waist trainer weight loss diet

Amber Roses says she lost 3 inches off her waist after wearing her waist trainer 6 hours a day. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Amber also said she wears her waist trainer 6 hours a day to maintain her hourglass bikini body. “I wear mine 6 hours daily and it’s comfortable!” said Rose.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Sinclair claims some of his patients have lost up to 6 inches off their midsection with waist training.

“This is a remarkable way to train your waist to be smaller,” said Dr. Sinclair.

Kim Kardashian said she wore a waist trainer to bed every night to make her waist smaller ahead of her 2014 wedding.

kim kardashian weight loss atkins diet exercise bikini fitness

Kim Kardashian, a huge fan of waist training, lost 80 pounds 7 months after giving birth to son Saint. (Instagram)

Actress Jessica Alba has also credited wearing double corsets around the clock for three months for her dramatic post-baby weight loss after her two pregnancies.

While Amber Rose is famous for her over-the-top curves, she says beauty comes from within. “Your sex appeal or beauty isn’t defined by anyone else,” Amber wrote in How To Be a Bad Bitch. “You are your own audience, your own V.I.P.”

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