Wendy Williams Weight Loss: 50 Pounds Lost With Vegan Diet and Exercise

Wendy Williams Weight Loss: 50 Pounds Lost With Vegan Diet and Exercise

wendy williams weight loss diet before afterWendy Williams recently celebrated her 52nd birthday and looks better than ever following her 50-pound vegan diet weight loss.

The 5-foot-11 Wendy, who used to be addicted to food, now weighs a slim 145 pounds and feels fantastic.

Williams’ weight loss secrets were a vegan diet that excludes meat, refined sugars, eggs and dairy, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

Wendy lost the 50 pounds in 2014 and has since maintained the weight loss since then with a mostly vegan diet.

“I don’t love food as much as I used to,” said Wendy.

wendy williams weight loss vegan diet
The 5-foot-11 Wendy Williams slimmed down from 195 pounds to 145 and looks amazing. (Instagram)

A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature — predominantly plants — is associated with health and disease prevention, said Nixon, author of Happy Herbivore Light & Lean.

Health expert and vegetarian chef Jonathan Vine agrees.  A vegetarian diet is full of antioxidants which protect the body from age-related damage by free radicals, said Vine, author of Vegetarian Weight Loss.

Wendy Williams said she doesn’t believe in starving herself or taking diet pills.

Wendy joins a growing number of celebrity vegans, who insist the plant-based diet fuels natural weight loss, boosts energy and promotes anti-aging beauty.

beyonce weight loss vegan diet
Beyonce, who weighed 195 pounds while pregnant, lost 65 pounds in 6 months with a vegan diet. (Getty Images)

Superstar Beyonce has maintained her 65-pound post-baby weight loss for 4 years with a vegan diet.

Beyonce praised her longtime fitness trainer, Marco Borges, author of The 22-Day Revolution, for her hot bikini body.

Beyonce said a vegan diet not only helped her slim down, but gave her glowing skin.

The 5-foot-7 Beyonce, who once weighed 195 pounds, lost 65 pounds using Marcos’ vegan diet plan, and said it can do the same for you.

jennifer lopez swimsuit diet workout (1)
Jennifer Lopez credited Marco Borges’ ’22-Day Nutrition’ vegan diet for her recent 10-pound weight loss. (Instagram)

Jennifer Lopez has also credited Marco Borges’ 22-Day Revolution diet for her 10-pound weight loss and sizzling looks at age 47.

Wendy Williams, a former couch potato, also exercises regularly, combining cardio and Pilates.

“I go to the gym because it’s not about me trying to lose weight at this point, it’s about me fighting heart disease,” said Wendy. “Everybody needs to race their heart at least once a week.”

Season 8 of the Wendy Williams Show premieres Sept. 19.

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