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Hillary Clinton Had Possible Seizure at Debate: Should Get Head Examined, Say Doctors

hillary clinton debate seizure tremor parkinsons

Hillary Clinton did herself proud at the first debate by not coughing or collapsing for 90 minutes. However, Hillary had an odd seizure-like tremor at the end of the night. (YouTube)

Hillary Clinton performed fantastically at the first presidential debate by not coughing or collapsing for 90 minutes, but her bizarre tremor at the end had some wondering if she had another seizure (see video).

“And Hillary has another mini-seizure,” one Twitter user observed.

Still another added: “Holy Sh*t! Hillary really did have a seizure last night. If only momentarily. Towards the end.”

Hillary’s health has been a major worry for the past few years, dating back to her 2012 concussion and 2013 blood clot in her brain.

More recently, Hillary Clinton collapsed at Ground Zero on 9/11, fueling concerns she has residual brain damage from her traumatic head injuries.

Top physicians, including neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and President Obama’s longtime physician, Dr. David Scheiner, have urged Hillary to get her head examined for brain damage.

“I think she should’ve had a thorough neurological examination in 2016,” said Dr. Scheiner, a Hillary supporter.

“We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability.”

That said, Hillary Clinton did remarkably well (for her) by standing for 90 minutes straight at the debate without coughing or passing out.

Most TV viewers were so stunned by her uncharacteristic stamina that they almost overlooked the blatant lie she told about the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

But perhaps many of Hillary’s lies can be chalked up to brain damage-induced memory lapses.

hillary clinton brain damage hillarysmemory hillarys health

“This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements,” she said in 2012 (see video at :18).

At the debate, Clinton claimed she never called TPP the “gold standard” or was even in favor of it.

Donald Trump missed a key opportunity when he glossed over Hillary’s use of an unsecured email server in her bathroom during a segment on cybersecurity.

But Trump’s lapse caused TV pundits to discuss his “missed opportunity” to slam Hillary on the e-mail issue ad nauseum, so Trump got his point across, even if indirectly.

So who won the debate? Almost all online polls showed Donald Trump was the winner, although the pro-Hillary CNN scored the debate for Hillary Clinton.

Either way, it’s bad news for Hillary: If she won, that was expected, given her 30 years experience as a politician and two cycles running for president.

If Trump won, or there’s a tie, that’s also trouble for Clinton because she had to do something yuge to stop Trump’s momentum.

As usual, Hillary came up short. Literally and figuratively.

Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent who was posted outside the Oval Office during Bill Clinton’s presidency, says Hillary is tempermentally and physically unfit to be president.

“Hillary Clinton simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office,” Byrne wrote in his bestseller, Crisis of Character.

“From the bottom of my soul I know this to be true.”

donald-trump-climbs-highway-as-hillary clinton needs-help-on-stairs

Donald Trump jumped a highway barrier to get to a rally in April while Hillary Clinton had trouble climbing a set of stairs in February. (YouTube/Getty)

Byrne said Hillary’s unhinged emotional outbursts were corroborated by the Clintons’ former press officer, Dee Dee Myers, other former Secret Service agents, and White House staffers.

“With Hillary’s latest rise, I realize that her own leadership style — volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else — hasn’t changed a bit,” Byrne wrote.

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