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Milla Jovovich Reaches Career Watershed; How She Stayed Fit For Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich is stunning in the Ukrainian edition of Vogue Magazine. Her final resident evil movie will be released in January. At 40, she's still has her action-adventure body. (Photo: Vogue)
Milla Jovovich is stunning in the Ukrainian edition of Vogue Magazine. Her final resident evil movie will be released in January. At 41, she’s still has her action-adventure body. (Photo: Vogue)
Milla Jovovich makes a fitting return to her homeland in a stunning Vogue Ukraine cover feature. It marks a watershed in her movie career, the final installment in her long-running “Resident Evil” movie series. She looks as fit now, at 40, as she was when she began the series 14 years ago.

During that time, Milla has given birth to two children, and her weight yo-yoed with each pregnancy. During her first, she added a whopping 75 pounds to her 5-foot, eight-inch frame.

But she’s been able to bounce back each time through a fairly intense workout routine and a healthy diet. It includes three meals per day with two snacks focusing on contain protein, complex carbs, dietary fibers, fat and fluids.

Milla Jovovich Sensual, Arresting in Vogue Ukraine (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
Milla Jovovich’s Typical Daily Diet Plan
  • Breakfast: Kashi GoLean cereal with nonfat milk and tea
  • Snack: 1 slice fat-free cheese, 1-2 apples and water
  • Lunch: Thai chicken lettuce wraps (with a 2.5 oz. skinless breast), Food for Life’s no-flour tortilla, and water
  • Snack: Turkey jerky, steamed veggies and water
  • Dinner: Steamed salmon, whole grain pilaf, green tea or water

Milla gave birth to her second daughter, Dashiel Edan, in April last year. Her first daughter, Ever Gabo, was born in 2008.

“Everything I ate suddenly made me gain loads of weight,” she said about her first pregnancy.

“I was taking down six eggs, with bacon and toast in one sitting. And that was just breakfast! It was like I was eating like the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk,” she added in an interview.

The second time around, she vowed to do things differently. But she suffered so much from morning sickness and was bed-ridden for the first two tri-mesters. When she recovered she tried to make up for it.

“Of course I gained a lot of weight and I found myself at the 30lb maximum around New Years and I still had three more months to go before the baby would be born,” she told mommy site Romy and the Bunnies.

She was determined to avoid the weight gain of her first pregnancy, so she decided to do things a bit differently. She explained:

“I thought it would be fun and also helpful to post a ‘food diary’ on my Facebook page because going ‘public’ with something makes it that much harder to get lazy. Now it wasn’t just about me making random promises to myself, but about me putting my reputation on the line with my fans.”

Once she gave birth, she faced another challenge. “I didn’t want to be unhealthy on losing the weight, so I took my time. I watched what I ate, and exercised regularly. I didn’t push myself into some unhealthy, quick weight loss thing,” she says.

Milla decided to follow Harley Pasternak’s five factor program to lose weight. It’s based on three meals a day and two snacks. They were a mix of protein, complex carbs, dietary fibers, fat and fluids.

On top of her healthy diet, Milla also followed Pasternak’s advice for her exercise routine. She combined circuit training for her upper and lower body with cardio exercise routines that included yoga, martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The results show in her latest “Resident Evil” movie. “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” will hit theaters in January, marking the end to a series that began in 2002, when Milla was 27-years-old.

“I feel like every film we’ve made has been the final film. I’ve never thought about the next one; we make the best movie we can and then take a break and see what happens,” she told Yahoo Movies.

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Milla was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to the United States when she was five-years-old. She began her career as a model when she was only 12 when renowned photographer Herb Ritts shot her for an Italian magazine.

In her film career, she raised eyebrows in the explicit 1991 romance film “Return to the Blue Lagoon.” She was only 15 at the time.

She paved the way for her “Resident Evil” role with a breakout performance in French science-fiction film “The Fifth Element.”

Through it all, she’s maintained her roots in fashion. In her Vogue shoot, she poses for photographer An Le in Louis Vuitton, Dior, Vetements, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, DKNY and Philipp Plein.

Check out her latest “Resident Evil” movie trailer below.

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