Charlotte McKinney: I Was Bullied Early in Life Over My Voluptuous Body (video)

Charlotte McKinney: I Was Bullied Early in Life Over My Voluptuous Body (video)
Charlotte McKinney has parlayed a hamburger commercial into a burgeoning career as a model and lately a film star. But life wasn’t always so fortunate, she says in a new interview. (Photo: Ocean Drive)

Charlotte McKinney is known the world over for her voluptuous curves and her alluring beauty, but life wasn’t always so easy for the model and budding actress. Growing up, she was teased relentlessly over her body, she reals in a new interview.

“I also left school because of all of the bullying. Girls would yell at me and call me a slut,” she told the magazine.

“I would go to parties and get beer thrown on my head – there was so much bullying. It was just so awful.”

McKinney, 23, was born and raised in Orlando, Fla. and attended William R. Boone High School. She developed early, she says, and was tormented for it.

Aside from the bullying, McKinney also struggled with dyslexia.

“I was always in those slower classes, but I think dyslexia can also be a (positive) thing to have, because you use your brain in a different way. I don’t find it as something that’s bad,” she says.

She dropped out of school at 17 and began working as a swimsuit model.

McKinney gained a following on Instagram which led to a profile in Esquire magazine, a contract with Wilhelmina Models and campaigns for Guess.

She got her big break when she follow Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton in a Carl’s Jr. burger commercial. Upton would be hard to top under any circumstances, but McKinney put her own ample imprint on the spots.

She’s also followed Upton onto the big screen. She upcoming movie “Flatliners” and the big screen remake of classic TV show “Baywatch.”

That’s a long way from Boone High.

While there’s no question she’s getting by on her looks, McKinney says she’s determined to avoid being forever typecast as a blonde bombshell.

“I’m always going to be sexy, I’m always going to have those photo shoots, but I’m really looking for different roles that aren’t so commercial and are a bit cooler,” she says.

“Maybe even an ugly role where I’m not such a glam person. I hope to be taken a bit more seriously.”

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