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Kate Middleton Secret: Uses Common Items to Maintain Royal Beauty (Photos!)

Kate Middleton Secret: Uses Common Items to Maintain Royal Beauty (Photos!)

Kate Middleton looked radiant at the recent BAFTA music awards in London. Her beauty consultant reveals how she maintains her healthy glow. (Photo by WPA Pool)

Kate Middleton may be a member of British royalty, but when it comes to maintaining her radiant look she relies on products even a commoner can afford. Look no further than your kitchen cupboards, according to the Duchess of Cambridge’s beauty therapist.

Deborah Mitchell, who’s clients also include the Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and Gwyneth Paltrow uses everyday items such as chocolate spread, oats and mashed bananas to keep clients looking radiant.

She appeared on the British television show “This Morning” to demonstrate some of the same beauty secrets that Kate uses as part of her regime.

“This is something that we can all do at home, with no cost,” the 51-ytear-old beauty consultant advised.

The products she uses, such as chocolate spread and palm oil contain essential fatty acids that help moisturize and help keep skin smooth. The products also act as an exfoliator, she says.

Chocolate Spread Skin Treatment

1. Spread the chocolate all over your face using the back of a spoon.

2. Let it dry slightly

3. Gently peel it off using a rolling motion with your hand.

Another treatment is as old as antiquity. It’s known as the “Cleopatra Bath” after the Egyptian queen, who seduced emperors with her beauty.

While this may take some getting use to, Mitchell advises adding oats to your bath and soaking in them. The treatment is supposed to help soften your skin.

The Cleopatra Bath

1. Place a cupful of plain porridge oats into a sock or muslin cloth.

2 Tie it around your tap or place in the bath.

3. Give the oats some time to release their soothing properties into the water.

4. After a long soak use the bag of oats to rub over your body as an exfoliator.

Mitchell also has another treatment to help your skin using bananas and avocados.

She suggests mashing bananas and avocados together and spooning the mixture into a sock. Press the sock on areas of your body where your skin is dry, including your feet.

Oils in the avocado will help moisturize your skin; bananas are rich in potassium, which is an essential ingredient to make skin supple.

Avocado and Banana Treatment

1. Mash a banana and an avocado together into a bowl.

2. Spoon the mixture into a clean sock.

3. Place the sock on your dry skin for 20 minutes before rinsing off the mixture.

“The bananas actually exfoliate and dissolve the [dry] skin,” she explained” on the show.

To get more out of your lip balm, Mitchell suggests mixing it with crushed mint imperials or sugar to create a scrub.

Inexpensive Lip Scrub

1. Place lip balm on the back of your hand.

2. Add crushed mint imperials or sugar to your hand.

3. Mix with your fingers and rub the mixture on your lips.

4. No need to rub off; let it dissolve on your lips.

The result should be softer lips with a minty fresh taste, she said.

Who doesn’t suffer from tired eyes after a long night out. Mitchell recommends this home remedy to soothe them.

Use coffee as your eye cream. It’s not only an anti-inflammatory substance, it also is rich in anti-oxidants, which help prevent premature aging .

Tired Eye Treatment

1. Add a spoonful of coffee granules to your eye cream.

2. Using the back of a cold spoon, press the mixture on to the dark circles beneath your eyes.

3. Rinse off.

The secret to fruit, dairy, and nuts is their youth-boosting antioxidants and acids. In contrast, commercial skin-care products are often filled with chemical ingredients or preservatives.

Fresh foods provide active vitamins that your skin can make use of right away, according to Prevention magazine.

Do you have an inexpensive home beauty treatment. Share it with other readers in the comment section below.

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